Test shaver BRAUN 3390cc


Test leader – dry shaving.

Technical Data

Cordless chain electric shaver for dry shaving



POWER SUPPLY: The Smart Plug automatically regulates the voltage between 100V and 240V.

POWER: n.d.

Razor: Senso Foil shaver mesh, Free Float Triple-action system – three independently moving shaving elements, Locking nozzle attachment, Noise level – n.d.

BATTERY: Ni-MH battery. Charging time in charger – 1 hour., Clean&Renew for 8 hours., quick charge – 5 min., Battery life – 45 min.

CONTROL: LED display with low charge indicator red , end of charge green , razor cleaning yellow , indicator of mesh and cutter block replacement.

TRIMMER: integrated.

Complete with: Clean&Renew Cleaning and Charging System, AC adapter, carrying case.

WEIGHT: 215g shaver .

DESIGN: color – noble metallic.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


DRY SHAVE – 4.4.

On the cheeks – 4.7.

Some users really enjoyed their shave, but others found that it takes multiple strokes to shave every hair.

On the neck – 4.

To shave all hairs in the Adam’s apple area, you have to try harder.

Above the upper lip – 4.

You have to run it over the same area several times to get all the hairs shaved clean.

Skin condition after shaving – 4.9.

Several respondents reported feeling dryness and mild discomfort after their first shave. Then while shaving, this sensation disappeared and did not come back.

Special features

Manufacturers suggest using the precision shaving mode when working under your nose and other hard-to-reach areas. In this case, the integrated trimmer and one of the nets are locked below its level.

WET shaving – no.

Ergonomics – 5,43.

For grooming

Appearance – 4.9.

Razor looks great, but some people found it overly heavy.

Convenience in hand – 4,9.

The razor is clearly built for big, strong hands, so some beginner barbers may find it a bit heavy.

Tile Impact – 5.

No problem.

Storage and Maintenance – 4.9.

The Clean&Renew system manages your shaver’s condition. You just dip the device into a special container with a solution, where it is treated. After cleaning, the shaver is dried by the inductive heating system. In addition, the knives are lubricated and begin to smell of lemon.

The design is excellent. The system takes care of everything, so you don’t have to do any of the unpleasant cleaning routine. But it doesn`t get any free: you have to buy cleaning fluid cartridges in stores or via internet.

Price of one package 2 cartridges – from 590 Dollars. One cartridge lasts about two to three months if you use it twice a week. But it depends on how often you’re used to shaving. Other shaver series offer a quick wash and an automatic selectable cleaning program 7 series .

This is not the case here, which means that not all the benefits of this system are being used. But if you don’t want to use the wash system, you can just rinse it under running water, even though it’s a dry shaver.

The manufacturer recommends changing the foil and cutter block at least every 18 months. Convenient that a special indicator tells you when to change.

Users also noted that the razor stayed wet for a long time after being in the cleaning system.

We took half a point off for the heavy weight and added half a point each for having a trimmer and for indicating the need to replace the shaving unit.

Charging – 0.89.

This is the highest score in our test. It really has the most detailed display and a lot of options.

Manufacturers declare 1 hour of charge and 45 minutes of shaving time. The figures are almost the same: it really took 1 hour to charge, but the “idle” time was 40 minutes.

Fast five minute charging feature, enough for one shave.

Price/performance ratio

It is the most expensive shaver in the test, in addition, it requires regular expenses for the purchase of cartridges, the benefits of which are great, but the convenience is questionable. We took a point off for being expensive, but we gave you the results with and without the point. You decide whether the price of the products is important or not.


High functionality, easy charging, clear indication, impossibility of accidental switching on.


Maintenance requires additional expense, no wet shaving.

Electric shavers

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