Test – review of the refrigerator ASCOLI ACDG450WE

At the beginning of April my life changed. And it’s not just a matter of starting an isolation mode.

The kitchen got a new large Side-by-Side refrigerator ASCOLI ACDG450WE.



Refrigerator ASCOLI ACDG450WE – stylish, elegant, it fits perfectly into the interior.

Golden matte gloss, sleek style, straight, clean lines – it looks great.

The first nights I just didn’t leave the kitchen – I admired it, took pictures, bragged to my girlfriends on Instagram and even got wine and drank to the fulfillment of a dream!

The refrigerator is wide and two-door, but for Side-by-Side it is rather compact.

Fits into a 78 cm wide, 62.8 cm deep niche.

My friends, a large large family, saw the photo and immediately wanted a bigger ASCOLI.

They chose ASCOLI ACDB460W.

This is not the end of the story!

The neighbors of my friends liked the photos of the new fridge and they bought ASCOLI ACDB601WG.

The design is

Ascoli open

  • The entire left side of the fridge is taken by the big 149 liter freezer with five shelves and one drawer for long term storage. The temperature is -18 ° C. Cold storage time in case of power outage – 24 hours.
  • The entire right side is a 251 liter refrigerator compartment with five shelves and one drawer. The temperature in the refrigerator is from +2 to +8 ° C. Drawer underneath for storing fruit and vegetables.
  • Glossy plastic inside the fridge-freezer with antibacterial coating does not absorb odors. It is easy to clean, and in the process of operation it will not lose its appearance.
  • The thermal insulation uses environmentally friendly ozone-safe filler.

Ascoli refrigerator

  • ASCOLI ACDG450WE does not need to defrost – the No Frost system Frost Free .
  • 3D Multi Air Flow cooling system.


Ascoli shelves

Made of high-strength glass with metal frames.

Lower – can be adjusted in height to accommodate a large pot.

The height of the compartments between the shelves is 20 to 27 cm.

TEST. Checking the shelves strength

Manufacturer claims each shelf can hold up to 25kg.


To test we used 12 kg dumbbells. Put on the shelf one and then the other. We left it for a whole day.

Result: shelves are intact and undamaged. Refrigerated and chilled dumbbells.


  • Three shelves for bottles up to 1.5 liters: milk, juice, wine.
  • Open easily, without effort. But a half-open door will not close by itself.
  • Along the perimeter there is a removable antibacterial seal. It allows you to keep clean, it does not breed bacteria.

Ascoli light


The inside of the fridge and freezer compartments are brightly illuminated by LED lighting. Display of all food even at full load, even in the farthest corners.

Ascoli shelves


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TEST. Checking noise

Manufacturer’s declared noise level – 42 dB.

With the norm for refrigerators with NoFrost system – 44 to 47 dB.

We measured with a sound meter:

  • When the compressor is switched on – 40-41 dB.
  • When activating the “Fast cooling” function – 48-51 dB.

The result: the fridge is quiet, no complaints.

Refrigeration compartment

ASCOLI ACDG450WE refrigerator


The control panel is located inside the refrigerator compartment.

ASCOLI ACDG450WE control

  • Temperature mode at 8 ° C, 6 ° C, 4 ° C and 2 ° C switchable with button “SMART e.control”.

There are additional features:

  • ENERGY SAVING – the fridge automatically adjusts the optimal storage temperature to save energy.
  • FAST COOLING – the refrigerator goes into fast cooling mode and automatically returns to normal operation after a certain period of time.

Test. Checking the level of cold


Set the temperature in the refrigerator compartment +2 ° C.

One day later we measured the temperature on each shelf with a thermal imaging camera.

1 shelf on top: +1.9°C.

2 shelves at the top: +2, 4 ° C.

3 shelves at the top: +3.2 °C.

4 shelf on top: + 4,8 ° C.

5 shelf on top: + 5.3 °C.

The shelf in the door: + 7,4 ° C.

The result: The top shelf is the coldest, this should be taken into account when loading food. Every product can find a place with an optimal microclimate.

TEST. Check the fast cooling

The refrigerator has a function “fast cooling”. It should be turned on before going to the supermarket, so that the large amount of “warm” food that you brought from the store would not disturb the microclimate in the refrigerator compartment. It preserves old foods better and new foods cool faster. The Quick Cooling function turns off automatically.

As soon as the delivery guy said he was on his way out, I pressed the power button. Bring in your groceries in half an hour.

I took the yogurt out of the bag and measured it. The temperature is +17°C.

yoghurt temperature

I put it on the top shelf of the freezer closer to the back wall.

Took it out in 10 minutes. Temperature +4,2 °C.

ASCOLI temperature

The result: a great feature. The main thing is not to forget to turn it on before going to the supermarket.

Test. Check the freshness of vegetables

Put fresh lettuce, a fork of cabbage, a pound of carrots in the vegetable drawer.

Result: The salad stayed fresh for 5 days. Then we got tired of looking at it. Made Caesar’s, ate them with pleasure. Periodically take out 1-2 carrots while cooking. It does not dry out, nice and juicy. Cabbage looks fresh even after 2 weeks of storage.

By the way, and my friends who bought the ASCOLI, noted that vegetables are kept fresh longer than in their old refrigerator.

Freezer compartment

Ascoli freezer compartment

The first week I got used to this arrangement of the freezer. All my conscious life I had a fridge with three drawers full to the brim. I used to forget what I put in there, and the food in the bottom would stay there too long. Every six months had a revision, throwing out old over-frozen food. I got used to the drawers and considered them the norm.

Thanks to this test, I realized that it is actually more convenient when you can see all the frozen foods, they are not crammed, and freely placed on the shelves.

Ascoli freezer compartment

TEST. Freezing dumplings

What to do in isolation mode when you have such a big empty freezer – of course, mold dumplings and dumplings!


What I did every night for the first two weeks of quarantine. Especially since the freezing capacity is high – 10 kg per day.

I used all 5 shelves in the freezer and the dumplings and dumplings quickly froze.

The result: I turned into a satisfied hostess with a freezer full of delicious food!


ASCOLI ACDG450WE Specifications

Ascoli closed

Dimensions: 173,5x78x62,8 cm.

Volume: 400 liters total, refrigerator 251 liters, freezer 149 liters.

Fridge compartment: 3D Multi Air Flow cooling system, No Frost Frost Free , fast cooling mode, LED lighting, 5 height adjustable shelves, 3 shelves on the door, drawer with humidity preservation, rack for eggs.

Freezer compartment: 5 shelves and 1 drawer, NoFrost – automatic defrost, temperature -18 ° C, automatic super-freezing function to -24°C, freezing capacity – 10 kg/24 h, safe temperature maintenance in case of power failure 24 h.

Controls: electronic, panel inside the refrigerator compartment, SMART special modes.

Class: energy efficiency A, power consumption 1.49 kW/24 h, noise level 42 dB, climate class N/ST +16 to +38 ° C .

Weight: 69 kg.

Warranty: 2 years.

Color: gold metallic.

Country of Origin: China.

ascoli fridge


Side-by-side refrigerator ASCOLI ACDG450WE is suitable for families that like to cook and save a lot of berries, vegetables and meat products.

Roomy, quiet, reliable, stylish.

No open door alarm. But I clarified this issue – all of the following refrigerator batches are equipped with this useful function.

It’s amazing that for 49,000 Dollars I could afford the large swing-out refrigerator of my dreams!

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