Test of the Izumi TLE42F400B


Advantages: the model has a large margin of brightness and color, it has a rich set of connectors, including USB.

The Izumi TLE 42F400B


Disadvantages: HDMI resolution could be better.

The Izumi TLE42F400B TV

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlighting, 42 inch diagonal


3 HDMI jacks, Scart jack, D-Sub computer jack pointing downwards.

Composite input, component via adapter , USB slot, antenna jack pointed sideways.


The new Izumi TV uses LED backlighting. The consequence of its use is an ultra-thin design, the severity and lightness of which allows you to fit the device into almost any interior. Also the use of LED backlight helps reduce power consumption.

Contrast of the model, according to the manufacturer, reaches a level of 1300:1.

Wide range of auto voltage 100-240V makes it possible to operate the TV set even under severe voltage fluctuations. A multi-stage noise reduction allows you to make the picture more clear in low-quality signal.


If the viewer doesn’t want to bother with the detailed picture settings, he can use the preset picture modes: “dynamic”, “standard”, “soft”, which can be quickly recalled and changed depending on external lighting or the parameters of the input video signal.

When playing a high-definition signal through the HDMI input, the resolution was about 700-720 TV lines. Motion is displayed smoothly.

Black on the screen is deep, white is saturated, and the detail of bright scenes is not bad.

Regarding the viewing angle, we can say that the colors of the picture do not change when deviating from the perpendicular direction to the screen, only the black background is slightly lighter when viewing from an angle of about 60 degrees.

Note the large margin of color, very large – on the brightness of the image, the detail of black shades at a fairly good level.

Almost no digital motion artifacts such as combing are noticeable.

Flesh tones are natural enough, maybe a little too much for some tones. Color gamut adjustment with temperature control.

The colors are not badly natural when playing the signal through the component input, a little bit saturated in some places.

Digital artifacts like combing on moving oblique lines is practically not noticeable.

With the signal from this input, the TV set also demonstrated a very large reserve in color and brightness. Black tones are displayed with reasonably good detail.

Black and white colors are saturated, and the detail of the bright scenes is not bad.

The resolution of the signal from this input was about 550 TV lines. Motion of objects is displayed smoothly.


The speaker system Izumi TLE42F400B has an average volume margin, sounds without noticeable distortion. The viewer also has a headphone output.

Preset sound modes are available for quick setup: Standard, Music, Cinema, Sports. Also features a custom mode with detailed settings. You can adjust the ratio of high and low frequencies, use the leveling function.

The TV set supports NICAM stereo broadcasting and has a built-in speaker system with two 2x6W loudspeakers.


Menu when called displays full screen on a semi-transparent background, at the top of the main menu icons.

Use the separate buttons on the remote control to bring up the picture and sound presets. The ellipse navigation buttons are in the center of the remote control. Inside the ellipse is the “Enter” button.

The TV has a rich communication capabilities – it has all the currently common interfaces for connecting home appliances, including the USB-port for direct connection to USB-drives, the HDMI interface for connecting high definition signal sources, the VGA connector for work in PC monitor mode.

Videos in formats and containers are supported via the USB input: .mpg/ .mp4/ avi/ .ts/ .mkv/ .mov/.vob/ .rm/ .rmvb. Also the USB-interface allows you to update the TV software. High-resolution video playback is supported via component and HDMI.

This variety of offered connectors provides compatibility with a variety of additional devices so that the user is not limited in choosing the best connection of external audio, video and digital equipment and can use the TV as a center of home entertainment.

Additionally note the function of protection against unauthorized access, allowing you to limit access to the TV, such as small children.

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