Test of the HOTPOINT-ARISTON WK 24E AX0 digital electric kettle

Very ingenious. Designers tried to give the teapot an oval-rectangular shape. Model looks impressive and will be a bright detail in any kitchen interior. Part of a series of small appliances for the kitchen, so if you want to buy other devices in this design. Large selection of modes including preheating function, low noise level make this model a very attractive purchase for families with small children.

Electric kettles
Electric kettles

HOTPOINT-ARISTON WK 24E AX0 digital electric kettle


MODES: boiling water, heating to 50 ° C, 60 ° C, 70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C, maintain temperature 1 hour , preheating.

CONTROL: push-button control panel, display with temperature indication buttons for cancellation, temperature setting, temperature maintenance, additional boiling.

POWER: 2000-2400 Watt.

VOLUME: approx. 1 cup 250 ml , max. 1.7 l.

FEATURES: function of additional boiling, window indication of the water level under the spout with graduation in cups up to 1 liter and liters from 1 liter , no space for winding the cord, cord 3G 1.0 mm2, length 67 cm.

SAFETY: automatic shut off at boiling, reaching preset temperature, when not in use, when removing kettle from stand lid opens automatically at 45°, then slowly at 90° prevents steam scalding .

DIMENSIONS: height 230 mm, width with handle 240 mm, diameter of the bottom 170 mm, lid – 100 mm.

WEIGHT: kettle 1 kg 135 g.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



Boiling 3 min. 35 s 95,3°C

50°C 1 min. 10sec 53°C

60°C 1 min. 32 c 63,4°C

70°C 2 min. 73.5°C

80°C 2 min. 31 at 80.8°C

90°C 3 min. 90°C

Interesting feature: the buzzer and automatic shut-off occur when the display shows a temperature slightly lower than the set temperature. Display then rises for 10-15 seconds.

For example, when heated to 50 ° C, shut off occurred when the display was 48 ° C, then the reading changed. We measured the temperature after the display shows the set point of 50°C.

The error of temperature when heating at lower temperatures is ~3,5 °, at higher temperatures the accuracy is very high, and when selecting 90 ° C we have the same readings of the program, display and thermometer!

Note also the fast speed of heating water. In the morning, when everyone is in a hurry, this can be important.


Control panel with display in the middle, it shows the current temperature during heating. Buttons are equipped with indicators, but to understand which one is responsible, I had to look in the manual. There is a separate button to cancel, but boiling or heating is carried out with a single touch: just touch the button to select the temperature – and the process went. At this time the actual water temperature is shown on the display. When you reach a pre-set threshold, you hear a beep and the kettle switches off automatically.

Boiling can be turned on by using the extra boiling function. In this case, when the program is finished, the kettle automatically switches to keeping the temperature at the preset value. When it cools to the right degree a beep will sound. Not all models have this feature.

Special button to turn on additional boiling, another button is responsible for maintaining temperature.

The temperature maintenance function also works without boiling water, it can be turned on at any values above 45 ° C.

Note that this is a very quiet kettle, when it works, you practically can not hear it, even when the water reaches high temperatures.

Beverage Technique
Electric kettles
Techniques for beverages


The nose is very wide. With a large amount of water in the kettle is not important. But if you pour from the bottom, it is possible to spill water, be careful. The lid is really flat – you could use it instead of a ruler. Easy to open by pressing a button on the handle. The handle is open, very wide, even fits a man’s huge palm.

No slipping thanks to the special inset. For some hands it is even too big. Window-indicator for water level is not under the handle, as most models, but under the spout. Thanks to this positioning, the water level is clearly visible when the kettle is on the stand, not when you pour water into it. Up to a liter, graduated in cups, then in both cups and liters.


Electric kettles
Technology for beverages

Very original and stylish. Designers tried to make the oval-rectangular shape of the kettle. Looks great and becomes a bright detail in any kitchen interior. Is included in the series of small appliances for the kitchen, so if you want you can buy other devices in this design. One disadvantage – “fingerprints” are left on the body, so it is better to be less touchy about the body.


A wide variety of modes, including preheating, low noise level make this model a very attractive purchase for families with small children.


Kettle is one of the heaviest in the test. The fact that the body remains on the fingerprints, not particularly pleased.

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