Test of the BAMIX M120 Magic Wand immersion blender

Basic parameters

hand blender

POWER: max 120 Watt 7000/12000 rpm .

MODES: 2 speeds.

FUNCTIONS: blending, chopping, frothing, ice-breaking.

CONSTRUCTION: plastic body, AC motor, cable 170 cm, possibility of wall mounting, non removable foot.

INFO: interchangeable attachments: multifunctional chopping, mincing , for mixing shakes, drinks, sauces, omelets, pancake batter, soup puree , whisk whipping , wall bracket.

DIMENSIONS: body length with blender attachment: 340 mm.


WARRANTY: 5 years.

BAMIX M120 Magic Wand immersion blender


Unusual model: its blades are detachable and replaceable and the bell has an open design. Handle with care: the nozzles are very sharp. I must say that starting to use this Swiss “miracle” was a bit scary, but the nozzles are fixed by light pressure and removed in the same way: press, turn – and it’s done! The open design of the bell excludes work in low dishes: in our soup bowl, where we chopped vegetables, it was impossible to work with this blender.

Blender is designed only for full immersion in soup, puree or sauce, or you must work in a high and narrow dishes. The blender body is double insulated, so it can be immersed in a pot of boiling water right up to the on/off switch.

Ergonomically shaped handle with non-slip, push buttons 1 and 2 speed are comfortable and easy to press. For safety, if there is no locking system, the buttons should not be pressed so easily. Although we checked: if you just run your finger over the control panel, the buttons do not work. And yet the appliance still needs a lot of attention when operating.

No vibration and very low noise level the credit goes to the AC motor .


3 nozzles help you work with all kinds of food, even meat. The two speeds are in principle enough, they work perfectly, no need to use the turbo mode.


Bamix blender is equipped with an AC motor, which ensures powerful and long blender operation more than 5 minutes without stopping . The motor doesn’t overload and transfers 100% of its power to the cutting head without reducing efficiency.

This blender does not need to convert AC power as most blenders do, which wastes more energy. Accordingly, the power consumption of the Bamix at 120-160 W is equivalent in efficiency to 600-800 W of appliances with DC motors.


Vegetables. The results are perfect, the consistency is perfect, but all this is only possible in a tall dish.

Milkshake with frozen strawberries. Same thing: Under the blade of this blender came out almost the most homogeneous airy and tender strawberry smoothie without a single piece of berry, and even the small bones of strawberries were not felt in this shake.

Protein. A separate story with a whisk: it is very unusual, shaped like a disk. The first experience with the whisk can be called a failure, but only through our fault: the 20 seconds that we allocated for whipping for each blender in this test was too long for this attachment.

We overcooked a little bit of the protein, the foam became very dense and homogeneous, but rose not to the mark of 35-37 mm these are the best results , but to 30 mm. Then we figured out what was wrong and shortened the whipping time. It’s fantastic, but up to perfect consistency and maximum increase in volume 41 mm is a record! Protein in 10 seconds. Super!


The shape of the nozzles is exclusive here and they are all very effective, but you should think of something to do with the spraying – maybe some kind of protective nozzle for cooking in low and shallow dishes. blender, for example, is the perfect blender for when everyone in the family likes a plain soup and someone else likes puree, or when you want to prepare a soft meal for a child or an elderly person.

Product processing

Quiet and vibration-free operation, economical, effective attachments, best whipping results in the dough, excellent chopping results in tall dishes, ability to work with very tall dishes.


No lock with quite sensitive buttons, impossible to cook in low dishes.


Product handling

Food Processing

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