Test of Panasonic SR-TMB18 multicooker


CONGRATULATIONS: compact size, multifunctionality, minimum human involvement in the cooking process, easy care, lightness


controls, possibility to program cooking times.


RESTRICTIONS: I want more information on the display during cooking and maybe a control system for “forgetful” users to prevent the machine from switching on without internal tank.

Panasonic SR-TMB18 Multicooker


POWER: 850 Watt.

FUNCTIONS: preparation of cereal porridge, pilaf, steamed dishes, milk porridge, stewing, baking, keeping food hot up to 12 hours .

CONTROL: touch, russified menu, LCD display, delay timer up to 13 hours .

VOLUME: 4,5 l.

ACCESSORIES: Non-stick coated container, measuring cup approx. 180 ml , plastic spoon, steam cooker container.

PACKAGING: 276h274h267 mm.

WEIGHT: 3,1 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


First acquaintance

The multicooker is compact, the lid is not removable, it is easy to open and close, the tank for cooking is removed quite conveniently.


1. “Buckwheat

We cooked buckwheat, selyanski, which recipe is given in the manual.

Pre-soaked dried porcini mushrooms, boiled them and stewed with onions. In the multicooker we put washed buckwheat, prepared mushrooms, salted them, added water, closed the lid, set the “Buckwheat” program, pressed the “Start” button. After about an hour you hear a beep, indicating that the dish is ready. And all over the office of “Consumer”, a truly magical aroma spread, forcing the employees to come in turns to the test room for business and non-business reasons. The moderately crumbly buckwheat was exceptionally tasty, a result that is not always possible with cooking on the stove. – BEAUTIFUL!

Tip: If you like, you can add a little extra whipped cream to the mix.

2. “Pilaf.”

Pilaf with seafood is very simple – in the multicooker you put the thawed seafood, washed rice, salted, added water, set the “PLOV” program and pressed the “START” button. An hour later the dish was ready, but the rice was a bit cooked. The opinions of the editorial staff were divided – some liked the consistency, some did not. – OK!

Tip: Carefully measure the amount of water. We think it’s better to underfill than overfill. We did not take into account that the seafood would also add liquid to the dish, and that’s probably why the rice is a bit boiled.

3. “Milk porridge

In this mode we cooked milk rice porridge, pumpkin porridge, oatmeal.

It is no use cooking instant oatmeal in a multicooker although the cooking process can be found on cooking sites , it is better to take real oatmeal, which is much healthier. Milk rice porridge is delicious, but you need to experiment with the amount of liquid water or milk to get the desired thickness.

Pumpkin porridge with millet the recipe is given by the producers in the instructions turned out amazing, and not at all like on the stove. The pumpkin became soft and tender but retained its neat pieces, it did not “splatter”, the millet was cooked, all together looked very appetizing. The result – even the employees who do not like pumpkin ate porridge from the multicooker with pleasure. – GREAT!

Our tip: add raisins to the ingredients for a sweeter and richer porridge.

4. “Baking”

One hour pie in the office is not fantastic, it’s just another feature of the multicooker. We chose a recipe with lots of apples. When we put everything in the multicooker, we got a little scared: a lot of apples and not much batter. We closed the lid, set the program, pressed “Start. When the beep sounded, we looked at it – it was a puffy pie! We left it to cool for 10 minutes. And then take it out and eat it! – BEAUTIFUL!

Tip: the manufacturers didn’t write anything about cinnamon, and it won’t hurt the apples.

5. “Stew.”

The chicken is juicy and tasty, and most importantly, we just put the pieces into the multicooker, select the program, set the time, and quietly continue to work. And an hour later our dinner was ready. – OK!

Tip: You can experiment with the cooking time, because the possible range – from 1 to 12 hours, in 30 minute increments.

6. “Steam cooking”

We cooked the fish fillet. While cooking in a multicooker generally takes about an hour, steaming the food is very fast, faster than in electric steamers, so the fish is ready in 15 minutes. – BEAUTIFUL!

7. The test for reliability Do not repeat!

An employee of our magazine conducted an independent test by accident: she put chicken fillet, added spices, turned on the “stew” program, but forgot to put the dish in! Fifteen minutes later the smell of frying appeared, and then it was clear that something was wrong, and a second later she saw the container on the table! The next two hours were spent scrubbing the grease off the heating element. After this test, the appliance worked as if nothing had happened.

Tip: to avoid such troubles, the manufacturers recommend putting the food in the pot taken out of the case, and then placing it in the device.

FEATURES: indispensable appliance for today’s busy people. Delicious, healthy and varied food prepared with little or no input from you. The timer is very convenient: just put all the ingredients into the multicooker in the evening, set the time for your breakfast and enjoy hot porridge in the morning.

You can even leave for a day on business, putting the necessary products in the multicooker. Thanks to the delay timer in 13 hours the dish will be ready, after that in the reheating mode it will be kept hot for another 12 hours – a total of 25 hours.

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