Test of MIELE W 5967 WPS washing machine: The trio of stains on a shirt was gone in three hours

Miele has been making washing machines for over a hundred years, and most of us are convinced of their quality: the brand’s authority is practically unquestionable. We evaluated one of the machines in action, testing some of its features.


Technical Features

Front loading washing machine



LOADING: 8 kg.

WASHING: class A.

PROGRAMS: Automatic Plus, Cotton, Delicate, Synthetics, Express 20, Dark Clothes, Jeans, Wool, Hand Wash, Silk, Shirts, Sportswear, Sport Shoes, Pillows, Soaking, Stuffed Toys, Curtains, Outerwear, Hygiene, New Linen, Refresh, Final Steam Wash, Bathrobes, Down Jackets, Perinas, Eco Cotton, EcoPlus Cotton, Delicate Eco.

OPTIONS: pre-wash, soak, short program, more water, especially silent, stain option, steam smoothing, 24 hour delayed start.

RPM: class A, 1600 rpm.

ECONOMICITY: class A++ according to EEC classification , power consumption 0.91 kWh/cycle, water consumption 64 L cotton 60 ° C per kg of laundry: 0.11 kWh and 8 L.

CONTROL: text display, program selector, menu buttons, timer, options.

AUTOMATICS: load optimisation, foam level control, total leak protection Waterproof, self-diagnostics, the programs can be updated.

SAFETY: test program service, child protection, control interlock with PIN-code.

CONSTRUCTION: professional asynchronous motor, lighted honeycomb drum, AutoDos, chrome door, can be installed under worktop 85/82 cm without lid .

DIMENSIONS: 595x615x850 mm.

WARRANTY: 2 years.

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Control Panel

The W 5967 WPS is one of Miele’s most interesting appliances today, because it combines the most successful technical solutions.

One of them is the interface of the device – laconic, reserved, but very attractive. First of all, I paid attention to the circular backlighting of the regulator – not only beautiful, but also informative. Three-line text display informs about the settings. The color of the captions and backlighting is a nice yellow. Brightness and contrast can be adjusted on a 10-point scale depending on room lighting. The inscriptions on the panel are made in American, the display language can be chosen from a list. American is in it, of course.

To configure the settings you have to go to the menu. At first sight it seems that it is unwieldy, but the logic of the task definition is simple as a computer: choose the required parameter from the list and confirm it.

Another peculiarity of the panel: it is covered with transparent plastic, which means that the inscriptions will not be damaged during the long-term use of the machine.

A peek into the drum

Washing machines

The Miele drum is patented. It has a special slightly convex honeycomb-shaped surface, during washing and rinsing a thin aqueous film forms between this surface and the laundry. It ensures that your laundry glides on smoothly for the most gentle care.

The holes in the drum are small and have ground edges – another factor for taking care of things, as confirmed by tests at the WFK Research Institute for Laundry Problems in Krefeld, Germany. Curiously enough, the Miele factories check the quality of these holes with… lady’s stockings.

Test #1 – check the drum for … tenderness

We did exactly the same – we whipped the stocking into a loose lump and wiggled it over the surface, trying to catch on the edge of the hole, but the stocking remained intact.

The drum of the machine has a light and it is located on the cuff in the area of the hatch seal on the top right. The light is bright enough – you can see everything perfectly inside the drum. To save energy, the light switches off after a few minutes of operation. The light bulb does not need to be replaced and is designed for a lifetime.

It is interesting to note that the load of the machine is 8 kg, that is, the size of the drum has increased in comparison with the models of the previous series . But the diameter of the hatch has not changed.


The model is equipped with 24 washing programs. The automatic Plus is designed for mixed loads: the washing intensity, water volume and duration of all phases are determined by the appliance itself each time. For the care of cotton, you can choose the basic program or one of the economical programs Cotton Eco and Cotton Eco Plus , in which the excellent washing quality is achieved at a lower temperature by increasing the duration of the program.

The machine has a special cycle for dark items, so there will be no detergent residue after the wash. The wash program for jeans not only washes your clothes thoroughly, it also protects them from fading and fraying. The shirt wash mode makes it easier to iron the shirts afterwards. The wool wash program imitates hand washing. The Delicate, Delicate Eco, Silk programmes are particularly gentle on your garments.

Washing machines

A special Hygiene program for items with direct skin contact, to get rid of allergens such as dust mites and bacteria. To remove dye residue from new garments, the New Clothes program is available.

The machine has four washing modes for stuffed items: cushions, plush toys, down jackets, and featherbeds. They provide reverent treatment of the cover and stuffing, including down, protecting it from flaking and bunching. The outerwear care program allows you to wash jackets, pants and overalls made of Gore-Tex®, SYMPATEX®, WINDSTOPPER® membrane fabrics at home. The Sportswear cycle is for fleece and microfiber fabrics. And thanks to the Sports Shoe Mode, you can wash sneakers and cloth sneakers.

In addition to the washing programs, there is an impregnation mode which restores water repellency to the garments. The steam freshener cleans clothes that have been in the closet or suitcase for so long, or removes odors from them.

Test #2 – see SteamCare in action

To see if it’s really useful, take a lightly worn white shirt.

The settings are simple, you just have to select the program, so let’s get started. Its duration is displayed immediately – 16 minutes, you do not need to enter any additional parameters. This mode is designed to spread the fibers of fabric, remove odors from them and literally refresh the clothes. How it’s done?

The cloths are constantly, but slowly “tumbled” by the drum rotation. The drum is filled with steam this moment adds variety – there is a barely perceptible sound, but so the machine is silent , and after a couple of minutes it is noticeable that the thing has become more loose and lush. When we took the shirt out at the end of the cycle, we were pleasantly surprised.

They look as good as new, and are a pleasure to hold. The fabric has subtly changed, almost as if it had been lightly starched. There are no hints of odors. Your shirt looks better now and you can wear it again. Generally speaking, this mode implies ironing when the clothes are still wet, but this does not require much effort and time. Some items can also be worn without ironing.

As a regular housewife with white shirts, I really like this feature. It’s tempting to take such a spotless, new-looking shirt off the hangers every time!

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Extra Features

They serve to correct programs. The hostess can add a pre-wash or soak cycle, raise the water level in the program, add a steam treatment step to smooth the fabric. For us, the most interesting option was the stain removal function.

Test #3 – the stain trio

To test the machine’s capabilities, we took a shirt 90% cotton and covered it with three types of dirt: lipstick, mayonnaise and coffee together with grounds . As you can see, the shirt looks terrible. The W 5967 WPS has a spot removal feature in most programs not many exceptions: Wool, Sport Shoes, New Clothes, Silk and Express 20 . The settings prompt you to specify up to three types of stains literally turn on the checkboxes in the menu .

Washing machines


The machine optimizes the program by itself. We chose the cotton mode with the water temperature of 30ºC as shown on the label of the shirt , the spin cycle remained unchanged – 1600 rpm, we stated our three types of dirt the machine “advised” to pre-treat some stains with the detergent, which we didn’t do and we turned on the AutoDos function. I would like to note, that we regularly hold training sessions in the company, and they wash our shirts at 20ºC!

The program, designed for an hour or so, lengthened to three hours. Turn on countdown timer on mobile to see how accurately the time is displayed until the end of the cycle.

Techniques for the home

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As a detergent we used Miele brand powder for white things. A few minutes after switching it on, the machine sent a stream of water to AutoDos. Everything happened very quickly, according to my senses, there was no less powder in the container, but there was a lot of foam when washing.

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Home Appliances

Washing machines

In order to reliably remove dirt, the machine not only increased the washing time, but also raised the water level, as indicated by the “Aqua Plus” option. The wash cycle was quite intense. The rinse was only two steps the machine could have decided to add one more, but did not do it , then the spin.

The appliance showed brilliant ability! I can not hide it, I could not believe that such a toxic lipstick will wash out completely, coffee stains because of coffee oils can not be called harmless too. And yet the shirt washed completely, there was no trace of dirt. We did not take it out at once, and the device was turning the drum for a while to prevent the shirt from crumpling. The result is a fresh, spotlessly washed and lightly whipped shirt!

The countdown display was perfect – as long as it showed, that’s how long the program lasted. I think the decisive role in this was the use of AutoDos there was no extra foam, i.e. the cycle was not prolonged . I was pleased with the “behavior” of the machine: it was practically inaudible, and when wringing at top speed the sound was not annoying.

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The machine has a service life of 20 years. With such a long period is not superfluous opportunity to upgrade, the user can install an additional package of programs for example, the package BabyCare at birth of the child .

The machine is assembled in a factory in Germany. The appliance is equipped with a total leakage protection. Lock-off function, useful when the family is growing up. Controls can be blocked and a more complex way – through the PIN-code.

The device has its own diagnostic system, which allows you to quickly determine the fault.

They say Miele is expensive. It is indeed a pleasure to have a machine which is so selective and careful with every single thing you own, keeping it spotlessly clean every time, and preserving its shape and color for years to come.

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Automatic dispensing

The W 5967 WPS uses the AutoDos automatic dosing system, which automatically measures the necessary amount of detergent. For the first time, Miele offered a system that works with both liquid detergents and detergent. AutoDos is suitable for the use of Miele and other brand products in this case it is necessary to do something like calibration, by specifying the amount of detergent necessary for a full load .

According to the amount of laundry and the requirements of the program the machine determines the necessary amount of detergent and doses it by itself. The system saves up to 30% of your money. The system consists of a storage and distribution unit for two products and two hoses. The dimensions of the device 38x20x40 cm WxHxV . It can be installed either on the cover, on the floor or in a niche. The cost of the device is already included in the price of the machine.

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Laundry with MIELE

The company offers a set of proprietary care products – CareCollection. They are sold at Miele Galleries and other stores where you can buy Miele washing machines. Superconcentrate for white and light clothes, which we used in the test, costs 1100 Dollars., 2.7kg pack, for about 42 loads. The price for one wash is 26 Dollars. 40-50 ml of detergent, that is about 2 tablespoons is enough for 5 kg of clothes .

According to the test results, I can say that the powder gives an impression of mega-effective, so that its purchase is in my plans.

The range of household detergents also includes products for washing colored fabrics 900 Dollars., 2 L, 30 washes, 30 Dollars./wash , delicate fabrics 900 Dollars., 2 L, 50 washes, 18 Dollars./washing , products filled with down, outerwear, sportswear for 600 roubles per cycle, 250 ml, 4 cycles, 200 roubles per wash , products with down filling, outerwear, sportswear for 600 roubles per wash ., 250 ml, 13 washes, 46 roubles./wash , special fabric impregnator 800 Dollars., 250 ml, 4 cycles, 200 Dollars./cycle . And also fabric conditioner 600 Dollars., 2 L, 66 washes, 9 roubles./wash .

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