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ABSOLUTES: fast processing speed, cleverly designed jug, long wide spout, large pulp chamber.

Disadvantages: High price.



FILTER: conical.

POWER: maximum power consumption – 1500W, at 230-240W.

SPEED SPEEDS: 6500-13000 rpm./min 2 squeezing speeds low and high .

VOLUME: Juice jug max. – 1 l pail for pulp collection max. – 3/5 l.

ADDITIONAL FACILITIES: The defoamer is built into the lid of the juice jug.

CONSTRUCTION FEATURES: injection molded body, fine mesh filter with titanium nitride coating of blades, soft start system, 100 cm long power cord.

NOISE LEVEL: no data.

CARING: Cleaning brush for filter basket included filter basket, juicer lid, filter bowl, pulp container and juice jug can be washed in dishwasher.

SAFETY: emergency stop of the filter rotation in case of unauthorized opening of the lid during operation, overload protection function protects the motor from damage in case of overheating. Automatic safety button is located on the base of the juicer. Juicer doesn’t turn on if the metal lever is not fixed.

DIMENSIONS: filling neck 0 84×190 mm, body WxHxV 320x220x420 mm.

WEIGHT: not available.

WARRANTY: 5 years for the juicer, 25 years for the motor, lifetime – 10 years.


Powerful, beautiful juicer with a modern design and an extra wide mouth that doesn’t allow even large apples to be cut. Many consumers showed a keen interest in this juicer because of its striking appearance and high price. It is not a household appliance, but a decorative element and an indicator of the financial means of the household.


1. Test 1 – making carrot juice. Processing time per kilo of carrots 35 sec. The juice output was 495 g, after purification – 409 g. Juice purity – 83%, juicing efficiency – 41%, the capacity – 1714 gr min. Everything meets the GOST requirements, and the productivity exceeds even the standards of the juicers of SVPA class increased productivity .

2. Test 2 – making apple juice. Processing time of one kilogram of apples – 48 sec, received 656 g of juice, after cleaning was 601 g. Juice purity – 92%, spinning efficiency – 60%, productivity – 1249 gr/min. Excellent performance!

3. Our test. This fast juicer is designed for people who appreciate every second. Kilograms of fruit and vegetables can be processed in no time. Two or three apples can be placed into the neck, the pusher doesn’t need to be pushed hard. Squeezer makes a lot of noise, depending on the pressing speed.


A pleasure to test the appliance! Material: metal body, lid, glass jug and pitcher of pulp and juice – made of transparent plastic. Metal lever – latch is fixed in the grooves on the plastic cover.

Bowl for pulp – in a dark grey plastic bucket, slides in and locks firmly. No need to disassemble the juicer to take it out. The container can hold 7-9 kg of apple pulp, because it is very large. Pressed oil cake is small, fairly dry, mostly homogeneous, but there are small pieces of non-processed vegetables or fruits.

Juice jug made of transparent plastic. Sits sideways with the spout inside the jug, this avoids the possibility of juice splashing or spilling. Maximum volume – 1000 ml, 30 fl.oz fluid ounce = 28.413 ml . On the bottom of the pitcher there is a recess for a tighter fit into the citrus juicer. The defoamer is not removable, it is built into the jug.

Throat width and design – Once again we note the increased diameter of the throat, allowing to process big apples easily.

The pusher is plastic, its length is almost 20 cm.

Drain spout is metal, smooth, very long: about 5.5 cm.

Speed change . Turning the soup off is done with a separate red button. There is a metal lever next to the beetroot – the speed selector. To select the mode low or high, you must lift or lower it, you hear a click and the mode will change, but the lever will remain fixed in the middle position.

Power cord – three-core: 3×0,75 mm2. Cord length – 1 meter 10 cm. It is recommended to plug the juicer into an earthed socket.

Suction cups are very strong.

Dimensions – this juicer will proudly take a place on the table top. It is high, which should be taken into account when choosing a place.

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