Test Full HD media player BBK MP070S

In the world of consumer electronics, where plastic reigns almost unchallenged, everything seems to be toyish and ephemeral. When you take this small but weighty media player in your hands, the cold weight of metal makes you feel that you’re dealing with serious hardware. And this feeling is not deceptive – BBK MP070S can do a lot and does it with impeccable quality.

BBK MP070S Full HD media player


The appearance of the media player is clearly the work of an experienced designer and evokes a bunch of associations. For one thing, the angular black cabinet and the lack of detail on the front panel and cooling fins on the sides make it look like a scaled-down copy of a high-end hi-fi amplifier or player. On the other hand, there is something military in the look of this media player. No matter how you look at it, the BBK MP070S will already draw attention just by its appearance.

Ergonomics is not sacrificed for a spectacular design – the location of controls and interfaces to connect removable media is thought out in detail, so the accurate inscriptions on the buttons perfectly readable, and to the control system you get used to just a couple of minutes. The media player has a SATA 3 hard drive slot.5” capacity up to 2TB. In addition, you can connect an external SATA hard drive through the connectors on the rear panel.

Video equipment

Interesting memorable design. A large number of supported digital image and sound formats. The ability to install a download manager. Ergonomic controls.


No major shortcomings detected, but in our view, this media player would have a display on the front panel.

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