Tabletop blender VT-1460 from VITEK

A real find for those who love to cook, will be a table blender VITEK VT-1460 maximum power 800 watts, the maximum speed of the blades – 20,000 revolutions per minute . The device has two speed modes, as well as PULSE mode.


Pulse blender mode is a way to process particularly solid products. A characteristic feature of this method is a short-term rotation of the blades at maximum speed with occasional stops to evaluate the degree of mincing and the possibility of depositing the product on the bottom of the bowl.

In the robust 1.5 L glass jug, you can prepare soups, sauces and smoothies, or mince different ingredients beforehand. Four blades made of high quality stainless steel provide special durability of the device. For maximum comfort in use, the blender is equipped with anti-slip rubber feet. In case of overheating the device will stop working. Buy VITEK VT-1460 tabletop blender for a blender that can open new culinary horizons!

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