Tablet TurboPad 705 has a modern green man functionality

I wanted to find a tablet with a sturdy body, a good, responsive screen, more or less recent android and nice features. These were the “incoming” requests, but in the end – in the TurboPad 705 tablet – we also managed to get support for as many as two SIM cards. Enthusiastic, I began to use the tablet diligently and accumulate interesting facts about its use. By the way, I did not notice many unpleasant interesting things, but I suggest going over the pleasant ones.

Computers and peripherals

Convenient Diagonal

I was bribed by the diagonal of the display – I have seen stretched and narrow 7-inch tablets of my friends – I did not like them at all. I never held the eight-inch ones in my hands, decided to take a little risk and I did not miss – with the 4:3 aspect ratio the display gives the impression of a full-fledged, rather than “cut-down”, as in the case of the seven-inch ones.

The metal case

The case itself is grippy – the frames on the sides are quite thin, the top and bottom are somewhat akin to the iPad mini, and it’s a proven shape. In your hands, the tablet fits perfectly, your fingers enjoy the pleasant coolness of the rear panel of metal with silver plating. A little unfamiliar with the location of the buttons – thank God that at least on the right. I would just put the power button under the volume rocker, but it’s the other way around.



On the stern of the machine lives green android 4.2.2. The firmware itself is stock in all respects, and comes only with a small amount of pretty wallpaper. TurboPad 705 supports wireless projector Wi-Fi is required , two handy pull-down menus and standard shortcuts with an application list button in the bottom center. This micro-menu is “above” the desktop and doesn’t scroll, which means that access to vital functions will be available from any screen.

The preinstalled software is not overpowering, but at least it is useful. Among them Litres bookstore/reader , Navitel navigator, radio application, built-in Yandex search bar with a tiny weather widget can be found in the right drop-down menu , calling program and program for creating/sending SMS/MMS.

Of course, TurboPad 705 fully supports Google Play and allows you to download applications from there, as well as from any unknown sources. I almost forgot – the tablet is equipped with a mini HDMI jack and it supports picture transmission by default, without any third-party programs like HDMI Switch.

Battery life

After loading a lot of games, players, social networking clients, etc., I started testing the tablet for survivability. No, I did not try to check whether it will survive under the wheels of a car while sending messages to all the social networks at once. The test was done in a different kind of field – subway, cafes, queues and waiting rooms, office, etc.d. Recall – according to the stated on the website characteristics of the tablet has a battery capacity of 4500 mAh. Is it a lot or not – you decide for yourself.

In my case, with active use it was possible to discharge the tablet in a day, with average use it worked up to several days without recharging, and with weak use it was as much as more than a week! I found this result very impressive.


Benchmark results are certainly not excellent, but we all know what companies invest in making sure that unknown devices never make it to the top of all those bar charts particularly the AnTuTu Benchmark high.

So I propose to judge, in fact, by the performance of the device, and it is for its price – more than worthy. Dead Trigger 2, for example, is just perfect. The same can be said of Real Racing 3, and the results of the Unreal Benchmark aka Epic Citadel testify quite in favor of the device. Read more – below.

Computers and peripherals



Probably the most significant disadvantage of the TurboPad 705 is the display, or rather, its “non-implementation” of IPS technology. However, the tablet’s TFT-display has two excuses. First of all, it really is of high quality, and the brightness is quite comparable to IPS-matrices.

Secondly, as shown, for example, the experience of such an industry giant like Sony, TFT has a pretty good future. Just a few minor modifications and the TFT-display will be able to compete with those IPS’ami, as demonstrated recently by the notorious Z1.

But if we return to the screen of TurboPad 705, the only disadvantage is viewing angles, and those for the TFT technology are not the worst… Resolution 1024×768 for the diagonal of 7.85, fits as well as possible, responsiveness does not fail, and given the price of the device, the above drawback should not discourage, but rather cause understanding. Moreover, the tablet usability is not affected by TFT.


In conclusion, we would like to say that TurboPad 705 is a gadget for smart people, not suffering from hovering from the mantras about the number of cores, the dubious connection between primates and glass, and inspiring “fear and respect” abbreviations like IPS or AMOLED. The tablet has the full functionality of a modern Android device, pleasing to the eye austere design and appropriate ergonomics.

Perhaps the only thing that I have not touched in this review – the camera. I sincerely believe that no matter how cool they are, there is little point in using them on a tablet. I understood it when the first tablets began to appear at rock concerts. It looks silly and madly disturbs surrounding viewers, but in the output we get the same “pictures from a cell phone.

Let me remind you that I got a compact, lightweight and very fast tablet which supports two SIM cards and full-fledged mobile communication.


Chipset: MTK8389

Processor: quad-core ARM Cortex A7 1.200 MHz

Graphics processor: PowerVR SGX544


Built-in memory: 8 GB

Support for memory cards: Micro SD Micro SDHC card up to 32GB

Display: 7.85″ inches, 1024×768 resolution

Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Multitouch: 5 touch points

Accelerometer: yes

Operating system: Android 4.2

Battery: 3.7B 4500 mAh

Battery life: 5 hours in video mode

Charger: 100-240V 50/60Hz 5V/1A

Bluethooth: yes

Wi-Fi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n

Network: 3G

Navigation: there GPS

Camera: Front 2.0 Mpix, rear 5.0 Mpix

Flash: yes

Video: Mpeg1/2/4, SP/ASP, GMC, XVID, H.263, H.264 BP/MP/HP, WMV7/8, WMV9/VC1 BP/MP/AP, VP6/8, AVS, JPEG/MJPEG, etc. d.


Audio: MP3, WMA, MP2, OGG, AAC, M4A, MA4, FLAC, APE, 3GP, WAV, etc. d.

E-books:Adobe® PDF, TXT, Html, HTM, EPUB, etc.d.

Dimensions: 202.5x137x8.5 mm

Weight: 390g

Interfaces: Micro SD slot, Micro USB connector, 3.5mm headphone jack, SIM card slot, Micro SIM card slot

Color: gray

Accessories: Tablet TurboPad 705, protective film, USB-cable, headphones, charger, user manual, warranty card.

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