Sony’s flagship 24mm F1 full-frame lens has been announced.4 G Master in America

Complying with the strict standards of the high-profile G Master Series, the FE 24mm F1.4 GM lens combines the high resolution and beautiful bokeh effect that are the hallmarks of the G Master series. The novelty is now available for pre-order at Sony Store Online for 129,990 Dollars.

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The G Master lens uses many advanced technologies to deliver high performance, resolution and soft bokeh effect, even at the maximum aperture of f/1.4. In addition to its small size, the lens is the lightest in its class, allowing you to take advantage of the E mount’s portability. It also has a fast and precise autofocus, precise controls and high reliability, making it ideal for professionals.

Two aspherical XA-type elements, one of which is mounted in the front lens, effectively compensate for comatic flare, curvature of field and astigmatism. Also features three finely tuned low dispersion glass elements that minimize longitudinal and transverse chromatic aberration while maintaining optimum sharpness throughout the image. Sony’s original Nano AR coating technology effectively suppresses internal reflections that cause ghosting and double vision to deliver optimal contrast and clarity in a variety of shooting conditions.

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Lens aperture consists of 11 petals this design is most commonly found in α-series products and has a circular shape, which allows the lens to maintain an almost perfect circular aperture even when the lens is stopped down on the 1st or 2nd step. It helps to achieve beautiful bokeh effect with round highlights easily. The background gets a soft, pleasant blur, highlighting and emphasizing the subject.

Improved DDSSM Direct Drive SSM drive system for focusing has reduced size and weight, with about three times the drive force of the previous system. New, more powerful DDSSM ensures faster, more accurate and quieter focusing, for unparalleled photo and video performance.

The focusing ring is made of rubberized material which ensures convenient control even in low temperatures, the lens hood is equipped with a clamp which prevents its opening during transportation, and the dust- and waterproof design guarantees high reliability when using the lens in the open air.Front lens element has a fluoride coating that protects against fingerprints, dust, water, oil and dirt, and makes it easy to clean.

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