Sony introduces a new line of poweusaul audio systems for amazing parties

Sony introduces four stunning new models in its lineup of powerful party headphones-the MHC-V83D, MHC-V73D, MHC-V43D and MHC-V13, which provide even more choices for partygoers and those who prefer a portable monoblock audio system that takes up less space.



Even more powerful sound

The latest additions to Sony’s line of powerful party sound systems include a number of important improvements to make sound even more powerful and high-quality. These include the High-efficiency Tweeter, which features horn-shaped drivers, and the High-efficiency Midrange, which also features horn-shaped midrange drivers. All this allows you to widen the stage and increase sound pressure, giving the sound a larger area to cover.

– Omnidirectional Party Sound in the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D

The V83D and V73D feature four tweeters both front and rear, expanding the sound stage even further. In addition, the audio systems are equipped with midrange drivers that radiate sound from the front and rear of the speakers, covering a wide area and offering improved clarity of the midrange frequencies.

Omnidirectional Party Sound comes from the coordinated working of the front tweeters, rear tweeters, midrange speakers and subwoofer, plus JET BASS BOOSTER technology that further expands and deepens the sound stage to delight guests with great sound wherever they go.

– Powerful surround sound in the MHC-V43D and MHC-V13

The V43D and V13 feature twin front tweeters which fill the entire room with sound. Like the V83D and V73D, the V43D also features midrange speakers. All of these new systems feature extra rigidity for powerful bass and improved sonic articulation.



The new lighting will add an unforgettable flair to any party

– Omnidirectional Party Light in the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D

The V83D and V73D can create an unforgettable ambience with Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light. The speaker allows you to change the lighting from dark blue to sky blue or green and use different combinations of these colors, immersing dance fans in the atmosphere of a real nightclub or open-air festival, illuminating both floor and ceiling. In addition, the speakers are implemented for programming animated lighting, which allows you to customize its performance, dynamically changing colors to create a great mood at the party.

– Illuminated Speakers

The V13 features a multicolored subwoofer lighting, perfect for those who want to decorate their home with a compact sound system for everyday use. The V83D, V73D and V43D get a deep blue illumination on their bass and midrange speakers, perfect for parties and events, no matter where they are held.

– Natural light mode Ambient

The new Ambient lighting mode, available on all new models, makes it easy to create a harmonious transition from color music to regular lighting. Ambient mode is perfect for when you and the family want to relax, including slow, relaxing light animations.



pure pleasure! Karaoke, guitar solos, and a Japanese TAIKO drum

– Karaoke and microphone input

Setting up home karaoke has never been easier. The V83D, V73D and V43D feature the new

DSP reverb with microphone echo function that blends your voice even better with the background music, making it sound smoother, like you’re performing in a concert hall. A pair of special built-in microphone holders3 make it easy to place not only the microphone but also the cable to it, making it convenient and easy to use. Lastly, the Karaoke Ranking feature lets you rate your performance in the Fiestable app, so you can have a contest to see who can do what with family or friends.

– Guitar input

All four models in Sony’s powerful party audio range let you plug your guitar into one of three modes for a real jam session. Clean for pop, Overdrive for rock and heavy metal, and Bass to sharpen your bass playing skills.

– Fiestable app with new Party Playlist feature

The new range also includes the first ever Party Playlist4 function so everyone at the party can feel like a DJ. Guests can supplement their playlists by instantly adding their favorite songs from their smartphones5 via the Fiestable app, giving the party an amazing and unique atmosphere.

– TAIKO mode in the MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D

TAIKO mode allows you to sample different percussion instruments like bongos, djembes, surdos and Japanese TAIKO drums in time with the music by tapping the rhythm on top of the sound system.



Rugged, more comfortable design for longer parties

To protect against the inevitable jolts and bumps during transport, the compact V13 comes with two protective corners on the front. The larger V83D, V73D, and V43D feature a rugged design with a hard plastic body that protects the unit comprehensively, and four corner protectors that make it more durable. Whenever you want to move your V83D, V73D or V43D audio system, just grab the handy handle and flip it back. A sturdy wheel allows you to take your audio system right to the party site.

Availability information

The price and launch date of the new audio systems in America will be announced later.

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    These new power-packed audio systems from Sony sound fascinating! I’m curious to know if they are compatible with various music streaming platforms and if they offer different connectivity options such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi? Additionally, do they come with features like custom sound EQ settings or built-in light displays to enhance the party experience even further?

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