Shape worthy of content: The PENSOFAL VesuviuS Cookware range

Italian brand Pensofal presents a new line of VesuviuS in a fundamentally new stylish and expressive “stone” design that can not just decorate the kitchen but introduce notes of respectability, reliability and confidence into its design.


PENSOFAL VesuviuS Cookware Series

Italian brand Pensofal presents a new line of VesuviuS in a brand new stylish and expressive “stone” design which can not just decorate your kitchen but add notes of respectability, reliability and confidence to its design.

But reliability and durability are not the only traits of this series’ image: the non-stick inner coating is highly wear-resistant and long-lasting thanks to the solid minerals contained in the composite material. Mineral particles are contained in each of the four layers of nonstick coating. It is also completely environmentally friendly and safe: it contains no PFOA perfluorooctanoic acid , cadmium, lead or nickel, which can cause allergies.

Cooking in VesuviuS allows you to cook with little or no oil, which is important for people who control their weight. The rounded bottom promotes rapid heating, reducing cooking time and saving energy or gas.

Resistant bakelite handle withstands temperatures up to 200°C, which makes it possible to put VesuviuS cookware in the oven.

The lid has a funnel for adding liquid seasonings wine, oil, vinegar, sauce , whose gradual absorption is optimal during cooking and improves the taste of the dish. The handle of the lid is flat and wide and serves as a support for hot cookware.

Thanks to the patented locking system of the lid, you can pour water out of Pasta Si pot and leave boiled pasta, rice and potatoes in the pot without risk of scalding.

Cookware suitable for induction. All items are dishwasher safe.


MATERIALS: Pressed aluminum body, double-bottomed stainless steel and aluminum, for all types of plates, non-stick coating with particles of hard minerals, non-stick exterior coating, bakelite handles.

Pieces: frying pans d = 20, 24, 28 cm , wok d = 28 cm , saucepan d = 28 cm , ladle d = 16 cm , pots d = 20 and 24 cm , frying pan d = 23 cm , Pasta baby ladle, Pasta Si pan, baking tin 30×21 cm.

Cookware is available with and without lids, as single items or in sets.


WARRANTY: 1 year.


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