Samsung washing machines and dryers with artificial intelligence

Sales of the new washer-dryer Samsung AddWash with artificial intelligence.


The main feature is the presence of artificial intelligence, which manages the washing process, guided by your preferences. The washing machine analyzes and remembers the most frequently used cycles and suggests programs based on your habits.

In addition, smart sensors detect loading, contamination level and regulate the flow of detergent and water. And the dryer communicates with the washer and automatically receives settings for the optimal drying program.

Samsung AddWash

In the app SmartThings you can configure the schedule of washing, track the program, to receive recommendations to improve the washing.

samsung AddWash

  • All machines have an informative LCD display with tips for easy washing control.
  • In QuickDrive mode, washing cycle time is reduced by 34%.
  • Q-Bubble combines drum rotation and water spray directly into the drum, resulting in even more foam production. The resulting abundant foam ensures deep and gentle treatment of every fiber of the fabric.
  • Maximum load up to 10.5 kg.
  • Spin speed up to 1600 rpm.
  • The intensive soaking, hygienic steam treatment, unique Swirl+ drum shape, and EcoBubble foam generator ensure the gentle and effective cleaning of clothes from dirt.
  • Fast washing and Super Speed modes.
  • There are washers and dryers with AddWash function – a door for extra load of laundry.

samsung AddWash

You can choose from 3 colors: white, stainless steel and black.

New washing and drying machines Samsung AddWash presented in

at our branded online store

, in the company’s official stores and partner stores.

The recommended retail price for the most affordable washing machine Samsung WW90T554CAW/LP is 44,990 Dollars.,

Samsung flagship model WW90T986CSH/LP – 99,990 Dollars,

Recommended retail price of Samsung DV90T8240SH/LP dryers is 72,990 Dollars.

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    What unique features does the artificial intelligence in Samsung washing machines and dryers bring to the table? How does it enhance the overall performance and efficiency of the appliances?

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