Samsung Introduces WB150F Wi-Fi Camera

Samsung Electronics introduces the first SMART camera, the Samsung WB150F. With its wide range of features, the new Samsung zoom camera with its compact, lightweight and durable design will be the perfect companion for any trip.

Samsung WB150F Camera

The age of common compact cameras is passing, it’s time for new universal devices, which combine shooting, editing and sharing images. Thanks to the camera’s Wi-Fi module, users can upload photos and videos to Facebook, Picasa, Youtube, send it to e-mail, as well as synchronize the camera with a smartphone, tablet or computer wirelessly.

The new camera is equipped with high quality lens with 18x optical zoom and allows you to capture in the frame even the most distant objects or the smallest details. At the same time, the optical image stabilization system helps to get sharp pictures in all conditions.

The Samsung WB150F is great for everyday shooting and traveling. The camera has a compact, rugged body, HD video, manual modes, and artistic effects. Live Panorama mode lets you take impressive panoramic shots, from scenic mountain scenery to large group portraits.

To do this, simply sweep the camera from left to right or from top to bottom, holding the shutter button. With the function “Split Shot” Split Shot you can combine three frames into a single photo, and the function “Magic Frame” Magic Frame allows you to put the subject into one of the preset background images, such as a movie poster or a fashion magazine cover.

Picture in Picture gives you the ability to combine multiple images into one memorable collage, while Funny Face is for creating fun, crooked mirror style photos.

Approximate price of the camera Samsung WB150F – 7990 Dollars.

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