Rugged, Military-inspired Watch by Canyon

Canyon, one of the leading manufacturers of accessories for mobile devices and PCs, presents a new military style smart watch. Offers an unprecedented level of quality for both amateur and professional athletes. It boasts an IP68 water and dust resistance rating allowing users to dive beneath the water resistant surface of more than 1m for up to 30 minutes. The CNS-SW51 is a high-quality, high-performance model with practical features that allow you to use it both in everyday life and in sports.


Designed with the user in mind, the watch is designed for maximum comfort: compact size 53mm x 53mm x 19.The 5mm and 62 grams weight does not put unnecessary strain on the hand, so it is ideal for both men and women to wear. Stylish black and gray watch case and strap reinforced with silicone inserts is a bright addition to your image.

Battery capacity of 550mAh allows you to use the watch for 12 months without using Bluetooth-connection. Do not forget about such a useful function as a reminder of a long sitting – this is the factor that will help avoid unwanted slowing of the metabolism. Motion reminder to keep you active and push you to the next level. Also this watch, having a durable metal body, which is not exposed to corrosion, is ideal for fans of extreme sports: diving, rock climbing, hang gliding, etc.d.

“When we were thinking about new models, we had the idea of making a watch that could, on the one hand, withstand tremendous loads, on the other hand, would be ergonomic and comfortable to wear. We did a lot of tests and research, which resulted in the CNS-SW51BB,” says Pavel Danilko, Business Development Manager of the smart watch category. – “This watch combines all sorts of features the user can benefit from: calorie monitoring, pedometer, sleep monitoring, long sitting reminders, remote camera control and many more. All this will help you both in everyday and sports life.


Like the entire line of gadgets, the CNS-SW51 is compatible with the Canyon Fit app, which can easily be installed on both iOS and Android. It can track your daily activities, manage your physical activity and of course, record your calorie expenditure and calorie receipt, and compile statistics on health and physical activity. The busy rhythm of life will no longer prevent the user to do sports or personal affairs – the watch notifications for messages, calls and reminders about the events will allow you to stay in touch.

FOTA support to automatically firmware installed applications to the most current version. Personal information of Canyon product owners is safely protected: the Canyon Fit app is fully compliant with the European Union’s General Data Retention, Processing and Protection Regulation GDPR .

You can buy a CNS-SW51 in Megafon, DNS, Svyaznoy, as well as in the online stores “Citylink” and “Online-trade. When buying this model in Citylink store every buyer will get an external battery of 2600 mAh in millitari style as a gift. With this external battery, you no longer have to think about the battery level of your smartphone, even if you do not like to carry extra gadgets and prefer to do without bags.

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