Rowenta Fresh Extreme EP8460 review


Cold air and massage anesthesia, light, microcontact system, lymphatic drainage and exfoliation nozzles.


Dry hair removal only.

Rowenta Fresh Extreme EP8460

Technical Features

EPILATION SYSTEM: technology “Microcontact” – 24 high precision tweezers, wide floating head, anesthesia cool air FRESH EXTREME massage balls.

INGREDIENTS: 6 heads – for lymphatic drainage, bikini trimmer, razor head, 2 nozzles for epilation delicate areas, accessory for exfoliating the skin, storage bag, charger, brush.

MODES: 2 speeds.

POWER: battery charging time – 1.5-2 hours, continuous operation time – 40 minutes.


COLOR: white/gold.

WEIGHT: 190 g.


WARRANTY: 2 years


With Rowenta, discomfort can be reduced to a minimum. The FRESH EXTREME system brings pain relief by concentrating air in the area and during epilation. Extra pain relief with massage balls. Microcontact system makes your procedure faster and more thorough: 24 high precision tweezers remove hairs as small as 0.5mm, the wide epilation head captures more hairs in one stroke, and the bright light helps avoid skipping fine hairs. The exfoliating cork head has a wide surface and fine texture. It prepares your skin for epilation: removes keratinized parts, prevents ingrown hairs. Lymphatic drainage technology fights cellulite and makes it the ultimate tool for all leg treatments. The detachable epilator head can easily be rinsed under running water.

4299 Dollars.

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