Roskatchestvo tested mobile grocery delivery apps in detail

The pandemic has caused explosive growth in the grocery delivery segment. In 2019, when Roskatchestvo first surveyed this business sector, only 36% of respondents purchased food online. By 2021, this figure rose to 64%, and for the first time in three years at the same time decreased the percentage of Americans visiting offline stores – the audience goes online. Most often young people buy products online: the share of young respondents aged 16-29 years increased by 15% to the leading position.


Roskachestvo examined 28 apps: 14 for Android and the same number for iOS. All were tested against 180 criteria. There was also an additional security test of the applications using specialized software. As a result, all key functions were tested and the convenience, information security, performance and reliability of food delivery applications were evaluated.

According to the test results, the most functional apps are VkusVill, Ozon and Perekrestok-Delivery on both platforms. The most convenient – VkusVill, METRO and My Auchan Android , VkusVill, My Auchan and Yandex.Food iOS . In terms of information security, most apps scored above 4, with the best result being achieved by My Auchan app. The best apps by the totality of all criteria were rated Vkusvill, Ozon, Perekrestok and Sber on Android, and Vkusvill, Ozon and Perekrestok on iOS.

Sergey Bodrov, project manager of the Digital Expertise Center of Roskachestvo:

“During the study, the experts used the apps as ordinary users: searching for products from a standard consumer basket using filters, browsing product cards, collecting and placing an order, waiting for delivery, and analyzing the apps’ functionality at each stage of this process. The range and quality of delivered products, as well as the delivery service itself, were not assessed in the survey. In the future, Roskatchestvo plans to check the quality of food products that consumers order online.”.

Functionality – this group of test parameters 115 criteria accounted for 35% of the final app evaluation:

Registration – the majority of applications 57% did not have the option to register through an existing account on a social network or a third-party service, which may be inconvenient for the user. Phone number authentication was implemented in all of them. Full-fledged registration with an email account has “Yandex.Foods, Yandex.Stores and Ozon.

Search is the key group of criteria by which the functionality of the application was evaluated, both in the main and additional aspects. Along with manual search through the search bar, the experts evaluated the availability of voice input only Lenta Online , prompts for previously typed queries 25% of apps have it and relevant prompts when typing a search query Ozon Express and METRO have it .

The completeness of payment methods is implemented in “Yandex.Stores” and “VkusVilla” – only in these applications it is possible to scan the card for the convenience of the user. My Auchan” and METRO have the most limited payment functionality, as they have no ability to link several cards or use alternative means of payment for example, Google Pay . Only “VkusVilla” and Ozon Express have card or cash payment to courier, METRO also has the option of payment only in cash.

As for security criteria, most applications showed high results, all of them transmitting personal data in encrypted form.

It’s also worth noting:

– 54% of grocery delivery apps are insufficiently adapted for people with disabilities

– 61% have no reviews or ratings on product cards – this is important to users when making decisions

– 32% of Android apps ask users for redundant access – for example, to the phone book.

More than half of the apps surveyed on both platforms scored above a 4 on a combination of all criteria – a very high score. There are no unrecommended ones within the rating.

Details on app safety, convenience criteria and other research details HERE >

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