Review of washing machine Atlant CMA 70C107

Reduced-depth washing machines often ignore some of the interesting and practical developments of companies, these devices are made simpler. ATLANT CMA 70C107 washing machine is one of the fortunate exceptions to the rules. With a load of 7 kg as a full-size machine it has a large set of washing modes and a user-friendly interface.


LOADING: 7 kg.



RPM: 1000 rpm.

SAFETY: protection against power surges.

DIMENSIONS: 596x511x850 mm.


The undoubted advantage of the appliance is its efficiency, it belongs to class A+. It means that the owner of the CMA 70C107 saves with every wash, reducing the power and water bills.

Washing class A+ confirms reliable washing of laundry, especially since the machine allows a very flexible approach to each load, taking into account the degree of soiling.

If there are difficult, persistent soiling it is recommended to enhance the program by adding the soak cycle or prewash. For dense fabrics you can choose the intensive cycle, in which the washing lasts longer and has a stronger mechanical effect on the clothes. When you have ketchup, oil, chocolate or coffee stains on your clothes, it’s best to choose the Stain Remover program. It makes the main stain fighters – enzymes in detergents – work better, because it gives them the right conditions.

Modern rhythm suggests a quick turnover of things, many of them are not accepted to wear twice, for example, white shirts and blouses. And it is not necessary to wash unworn linen as strongly soiled. This special approach is guaranteed by the Express Washing programme. This is a reduced program, its purpose is to put things in order in the shortest possible time. Cycle shortening solves two important tasks: reduces the load on fabrics and saves resources.

Laundry programs – that allows you to take maximum care of each item, while always getting perfect results. It has a range of sophisticated washing programmes for cotton, synthetics, wool, delicates, sportswear and footwear. The combi program allows you to wash both cotton and synthetics, preserving color and shape. Now you don’t have to save up your laundry for weeks, and things can be put back in order much faster.

The machine spares housewives the hassle of washing and tries to simplify the subsequent care of things. The option Easy ironing whips up the laundry, preventing creases, makes it light, airy. So it takes a lot less time to iron.

The control panel with segment display turns the process of setting tasks to the machine into a series of simple operations. Indicators help to understand the selected settings, and the display shows the program stage and timer settings.

The timer of your washing machine is set for 24 hours, you can even postpone the start of the program by an hour. The timer helps you manage the time to schedule the start of the wash at the most opportune moment. It’s another way to reduce laundry costs, as it allows for more economical overnight rates.

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