Review of the vacuum cleaner without a bag for dry cleaning Vitek VT-1828 PP: it’s the dust of the ages?

Vitek novelty is a real workhorse, the example of how the powerful and convenient vacuum cleaner with elaborate system of filtration can be quite reasonably priced. Maximum power is very high – 2000 watts, there are power controls on both the body and the handle. No need to bend over to choose the right one and you can quickly reduce or increase the power if necessary.


Vacuum cleaner without a dust bag for dry cleaning Vitek VT-1828 PP


POWER: max 2000 W, 400 W suction.

FILTERING: Cyclonic system, 5 stage filtration system with X-Cross filter.

CONTROL AND INDICATION: On/Off foot switch./off switch., Regulated power control on the body and on the handle, light indicator for the dustbag, auto shut-off in case of overheating of the motor.

CONSTRUCTION: 1L plastic dust canister, steel telescopic tube, tool holder on the tube, ergonomic handle, extendable carrying handle, 5m cord length, brush parking spot, automatic cord rewind.

INSTALLATION: Floor/mopper nozzle, turbo brush, upholstery tool, small dusting brush, crevice nozzle.

COLOR: purple.

DIMENSIONS: 360h250h250 mm. WEIGHT: 6.8 Kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year, service life – 5 years.


PRICE: 5990 Dollars.


Vitek innovation is a real workhorse, an example of how a powerful and handy vacuum cleaner with an intelligent filtration system can be quite affordable.

The maximum power is very high – 2000 watts, there are power regulators both on the body and on the handle of the device. No need to bend over to choose the right one, and you can quickly decrease or increase the power if necessary.

The optimum volume of the container is 1 liter: enough for a general cleaning of a “two rooms”, but it is too small for not throwing out the garbage for weeks. In addition, the need for cleaning will remind and light indicator. The container is very easy to clean: it can be taken out by the convenient handle, and the compressed garbage can be simply thrown into the bucket. In the center of the tank there is a filtration system that can be easily removed and disassembled.

Outlet filter is washed under running water and dried at room temperature – that’s all care.

Interestingly, the user is protected from his own distraction: for example, if he wants to take out the dust canister when the vacuum cleaner is standing upright and such action threatens to scatter dust , it will not work: the system locks the container, which can be taken out only when the vacuum cleaner is parked horizontally.

The model has many constructive little things that make it convenient and pleasant to use. The sliding handle is designed for carrying you just have to squeeze it a bit and a special place on the body is provided for parking the brush at the pauses during the cleaning. The handle is ergonomically shaped so the hand does not get tired. No need to bend over to turn it on – this model has a foot-operated on/off button. The most necessary nozzles can be stored in a special holder on the telescopic tube.

For cleaning carpets from pet hair there is a turbo brush, in addition, there is a small brush with a pile for cleaning cabinet including polished furniture, the presence of the pile prevents damage to it.

All the necessary tools are included, handy dust bag, multilevel filtration, control on the handle, washable fine filter output, good quality-price ratio.

The wire length is 5 meters, we would have liked a little more.

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