Review of the Samsung RS 552NRUA1J refrigerator


Stylish, roomy, economical.

Big appliances for the kitchen

Short warranty for the device.

Large appliances for the kitchen

Samsung RS 552NRUA1J Side-by-Side double-door refrigerator


DIMENSIONS: 178,9x70x91,2 cm.

VOLUME: total useful space – 538 l, fridge space – 341 l, freezer – 197 l.

CLASS: energy efficiency class A+, refrigerant – R600a isobutane , power consumption – 431 kWh/year, climate class – SN, N, ST, T.

FROZERIZER: Total No Frost system, Fast freezing, Super freezing, Holiday, freezing power 12 kg/day, electronic temperature control, 4 tempered glass shelves, 3 sliding transparent drawers, 5 door shelves, rotating icemaker, LED interior light.

COOLING: LED digital display, electronic temperature regulation, Total No Frost, Twin Cooling system, Multi Air Flow, 4 tempered glass shelves, 2 removable and transparent drawers for vegetables, egg container.

CONTROL: electronic, touch-controlled, digital LCD display, audible indication of open door, light indication, display of the included functions.

CONSTRUCTION: premium design with frameless glass finishing, low noise level and power consumption, silent inverter compressor, 8 independent smart sensors, 5 cooling intensity levels.

COLOR: white, glass door coating.

WARRANTY: 3 years, for the inverter compressor 10 years.


PRICE: 75 990 Dollars.


Twin Cooling system – for each of the chambers independent evaporators and fans are used. This reduces electricity consumption and maintains high humidity, avoiding the mixing of odors between the refrigerator and freezer compartments.

With the Twin Cooling system, fruits and herbs retain optimal humidity up to 43% , which allows food to stay fresh longer. Multi Air Flow technology maintains constant temperature throughout the entire volume of the refrigerator. The chilled air flows evenly throughout the compartment, creating the necessary conditions for preserving the food. The main advantages of the Samsung compressor are higher energy efficiency and cooling capacity, as well as low noise level.

The main difference of the Samsung inverter compressor is that it continuously regulates the heat flow, changing the speed of operation depending on the temperature and frequency of opening of the refrigerator door.

When outside and inside temperatures change, the inverter compressor increases or decreases speed by switching between 5 levels of cooling intensity. Thus, stable temperature and humidity are constantly maintained in the refrigerated chamber. 552 series refrigerators are also equipped with 8 independent smart sensors. They continuously collect information on the state of the refrigerator and transfer this data to the Micom processor, which analyses the data and optimises the compressor operation according to the cooling demand, thus saving energy.


Minimalistic, concise, refined. Steel case with white glass doors, blue LED display and recessed handles give the refrigerator an elegant appearance.


Several operating modes are provided that will greatly simplify the life of the owner of the equipment even in his absence. The compressor starts to work 2.5 times more intensively when the Super-freezing mode is activated to decrease rapidly the temperature in the freezing compartment. When temperature reaches set point, compressor automatically resets to normal mode. Vacation mode leaves only freezer compartment in operation, which saves significant electricity consumption.

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  1. Larkin

    Can someone please share their experience with the Samsung RS552NRUA1J refrigerator? How efficient is it in terms of preserving food and maintaining temperature? And what about its capacity and storage options? Any other pros/cons or potential issues to be aware of? Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

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