Review of the Atlant CMA 60U1010 narrow washing machine

New this year in the Smart Action range with more programs and extra functions. it is a narrow washer with a depth of only 407mm. Compact size means it fits even in a small bathroom or kitchen.

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Compact washing machineAtlant CMA 60Y010


DIMENSIONS: 596x407x846mm. WEIGHT: 62 Kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years + 5 years for the motor.



6 kg of loading capacity at a depth of just over 40 cm.

High-quality wash results according to the degree of soiling. Washing Class A.

Energy efficiency. Class A+, power consumption 1.14 kWh,

Water 45 l cotton 60 ° C .

Meets modern requirements. Low power and water consumption ensures economical use of the appliance. Timer allows you to use lower nightly rates. Eco Washing – A programme with reduced power consumption.

control system with a large display, indicating all the parameters of washing and its stages, audible alarm. Several melodies are provided for alerting.


Programs: Cotton 90, 60, 40, 30, 20 ° C, Wool 40, 20 ° C, Synthetic 60, 40, 30, 20 ° C, Manual 30, 20 ° C, Mixed 40, 30, 20 ° C, Sports shoes 30, 20 ° C, Super-fast 15 minutes. 30, 20°C, Children’s clothes 90, 60, 40, 30, 20°C, Shirts 40, 30, 20°C, Jeans 40, 30, 20°C, Dark clothes 40, 30, 20°C, Outerwear 30, 20°C, Silk 30, 20°C.

Options: Pre-wash, Eco, Intensive, Night Wash, Easy Ironing timer 24 hours.

Spinning: 1000 rpm.

The machine offers full functionality for the care of different types of things and fabrics, and there are specialized programs necessary for each user: washing shirts and jeans, outerwear and wool. The Mixed program is one of the best, as it allows you to combine items of different types of fabric in one wash. Washing the children’s clothes – a programme that families with babies and toddlers will appreciate. The short program of only 15 minutes will be needed all the time.

Additional features allow you to vary the cycle depending on the presence of stains and heavy soiling, as well as the time of day. For example, the night program works at a reduced noise level so as not to wake up the household.

Controls: program selector switch, LED display, temperature selection buttons, spin speed, function and option buttons, timer indication of program stage, timer settings, time to finish washing, activation of options.

Automatic: loading optimisation, foam level control, imbalance.


Leakage protection on the housing.

Protection against power surges.

Protection against undissolved laundry detergent entering the drain.

Forced reduction of detergent solution temperature to 60°C when draining to sewage system.

Child-proof locks against accidental activation .

Electronic imbalance control protection against excessive vibration and noise .

Protection against errors.


42.3L drum.

Noise level wash/wash 59/73 dB.

Low-noise and reliable electric motor, created under the license of BOSCH-SIEMENS, is used in the machine. The motor is covered by a separate five-year warranty, equal to half of the 10-years service life of the machine.

The tank is made of polypropylene, a high-strength, durable material that absorbs noise during washing and maintains water temperature longer during heating.

For a stable operation of the machines are equipped with a system of protection against power line voltage fluctuations in a wide range from 170 to 255 V.

The self-diagnostic system allows you to quickly identify faults, the code of which is given by indicators.

Tilt control panel of the machine helps you to comfortably make adjustments and monitor the program.

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