Remington S6280 EasyWave curling tongs – fashion for naturalness

Specially designed curling tongs Remington S6280 Easy Wave. The unique plate coating gives your hair four degrees of protection for a smooth shine and protection against static electricity. Based on tourmaline, a natural, ionizing mineral. But of course, the curved shape of its wave-shaped plates! And it helps to achieve that natural looking effect in just seconds.

For ultimate grooming

Remington S6280 EasyWave Curling Forceps

Fashionable for a natural look

According to the version of many reputable beauty magazines, the most fashionable and sexy hairstyle of the summer of 2012 was a variation on the theme of “beach waves” and so pleased both fashionistas and stylists that the season of “spring-summer 2013” it is still at the peak of popularity. Seems so simple? Soak your hair in seawater and roll it…on your fingers and then sit under the gentle sun… It’s easy to look trendy and relaxed like you’ve just arrived from vacation. But not everyone’s hair is styled into such light, slightly floppy curls by itself. The real stylists know, that the more natural looks “a wave”, the more efforts have been put to the head of its owner. And here is the technological solution from Remington: the specially developed Remington S6280 Easy Wave curling tongs. Unique plate design gives you 4 degrees of protection for smooth shine and static-free hair. Based on tourmaline, a natural, ionizing mineral. But the curved shape of its wave-shaped plates is of course essential! It helps you achieve those natural-looking curling effects in seconds.

– Maximum temperature 210⁰C.

– Heating in 0 secs.

– Adjustable temperature wheel.

– 30 ! temperature settings.

– Perfectly smooth plate surface for smooth gliding without risk of hair sticking to the surface of the plates.

– Ceramics + nylon for uniform heat distribution, ionization and static prevention.

– 3 years warranty.


: 1790 Dollars.

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