Rebirth of the format: Kodak showed the first footage shot with a Kodak Super 8 film camera.

During CES 2016, Kodak announced plans to revive its Super 8 format with a new camera of the same name that will combine analog and digital technology. A working prototype of the new camera was shown during CES 2017, but the camera never saw the light of day. The first shots taken with the Kodak Super 8 and shown at CES 2018 show that the project is nearing its final stage.


The Kodak Super 8 is a hybrid that combines a 3.5-inch LCD screen with live-view and an 8mm film cartridge for video recording. Control dial is on the side of the screen for menu navigation and also for manually controlling the camera when you take a picture. Kodak Super 8 comes with Ricoh 6mm F1 detachable lens.2, and also supports optional C-mount compatible lenses.

Photo equipment

True to its hybrid nature, the new Kodak Super 8 also has a built-in SD card slot, HDMI connector andUSB port. Audio is recorded on a media card, and the cassette cartridge is sent to Kodak when the recording is complete. After processing the film, Kodak sends it back to the client and also uploads the footage to the cloud, where the client can download the digitized version.


As Cinema5D noted, Kodak also published a podcast about a month ago in which the company talks about the current status of the project. No final release date or price has yet been announced, but the camera is expected to arrive later this year at a price of $2,500 to $3,000.

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