Pioneer updates its range of headphones for TV

Pioneer has announced an updated series of headphones for use while watching TV. The announced products are intended primarily for consumers of the older generation, who have difficulty hearing the sound of TV programs remotely, even at high volume. The new Pioneer TV Series headphones come with a long cable 5m or 3.5m for the SE-A611 , giving you the freedom to move around and choose where you watch. Each model provides extraordinary clear, natural and dynamic sound together with low weight, elegant design and comfortable construction. Convenient remote control lets you adjust volume.


Key features of the Pioneer SE-M631TV headphones:

Large 40mm drivers. These fully enclosed headband headphones feature 40mm drivers that deliver high-quality sound with highlighting

  • Headphones

Mid- and low-frequency to minimize listener fatigue when watching TV for long periods of time.

Large ear cushions. Large ear cushions provide better noise isolation and therefore louder, clearer sound.

Comfortable wearing. Weight of the headphones without cable – only 155g., which is very small for a fully closed headband design. Together with soft ear cushions, you can wear them comfortably for hours.

Key features of the Pioneer SE-A611TV and SE-A611 headphones:

    • Audio equipment

    Comfortable carrying. These are lightweight weight without cable 78g. open earphones are designed for long term use. They produce surround sound and feature large ear cushions that contribute to a secure fit and comfort.

    Key features of the Pioneer SE-CL621TV headphones:

      8mm drivers with rare earth magnets. These in-ear headphones that fit the shape of the ear canal,

      • Audio equipment

      Delivers high quality sound with minimal sound loss.

      Accessories include additional ear cushions in four sizes XS, S, M, L and a cable clip for attaching headphones to clothing.

      The SE-M631TV, SE-A611TV, SE-A611 and SE-CL621TV headphones will be available from August 2013. For detailed pricing and delivery times contact your nearest Pioneer dealer.







      Fully enclosed dynamic

      Dynamic open

      Dynamic open

      Fully enclosed dynamic in-ear headphones


      98 dB


      96 dB

      102 dB


      5.0m one-way cable

      5.0 meter one-way cable

      3,5 m

      (single-ended cable

      5,0 m

      Max. power input

      1000 mW

      100 mW




      3.5 mm

      stereo mini-jack gold-plated


      Stereo mini jack gold plated


      Stereo mini jack gold-plated


      Stereo mini jack gold-plated


      40 mm


      40 mm

      8 mm

      Performance frequency range

      8 Hz to 25,000 Hz

      18 Hz – 21000 Hz

      18 Hz – 21000 Hz

      10 Hz – 22000 Hz


      32 Ohm

      32 Ohm

      32 ohm

      32 Ohm


      (without cable

      155 g

      78 g

      78 g

      4 g


      Adapter for

      6.3 mm stereo mini jack gold-plated

      Optional earmolds silicone XS, S, M, L x 2.

      Cable Clip


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