Philips introduces S9000 Prestige premium shaver

Philips S9000 Prestige with its precision blades, innovative shaving adjustment and wireless charging makes your everyday shaving more efficient.

S9000 Prestige

  • NanoTechPrecision wear-resistant blades coated with carbon nanoparticles.
  • BeardAdapt bristle customization system.
  • New Dual Track slit design for comfortable shaving of any length of bristles.
  • Qi wireless charging pad.

S9000 Prestige shaver equipped with NanoTech Precision blades that are coated with nanoparticles of carbon. Keeps blades sharp for much longer.

Superb SkinComfort rings with unique Comfort Rings significantly reduce the area of contact with your skin, ensuring no irritation and the smoothest shave possible.

S9000 Prestige has a unique DualTrack design that catches and guides your stubble to the blades no matter what direction or length it grows. So even 7 day old stubble can be shaved really fast with the S9000 Prestige.


S9000 Prestige features BeardAdapt, an innovative stubble customization system.

Built-in microprocessor reads the bristles’ parameters up to 15 times per second, so the shaver retains high efficiency regardless of the density and length of the bristles.

S9000 Prestige can be charged without a cord: you just put it on the Qi panel after shaving.

You’ll know when your shaver is running low with a digital display. The display also informs you of the status of your shaver, e.g. when to replace the shaver unit.

Fully sealed and waterproof, so you can even use it in the shower.

New shaver available in two colors.

The SP9862/14 has a dark chrome finish with a bright luster, and the SP9861/13 has a matte finish.

Comes with wireless charging, hard carrying case to take with you wherever you go.

Also includes a hair styler and an additional facial cleansing brush attachment for the SP9862/14. The attachments let you take complex care of your skin and experiment with beard styling.

The S9000 Prestige shaver will be available exclusively at


Pre-order available November 1.

The SP9862/14 and SP9861/13 cost 33,990 and 29,990 RUB. accordingly.

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