PATRIOT Announces P200 SSD Series: Maximum Peusaormance and Efficiency

PATRIOT®, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of memory, SSDs, game peripherals and storage solutions, is pleased to announce the new P200 2.5″ SATA III 6Gbps external SSD series.


The P200 Series SSD is loaded with select NAND-flash and components that undergo rigorous qualification testing. Tests give P200 SSD more storage capacity, high read/write speed and increased reliability. The P200 SSD series is available in capacities up to 2TB, meeting the real market demand today. The latest SMI 2258XT controller used for 256GB to 1TB capacities, the 2TB comes with Maxio controller , enables the P200 SSD to deliver data transfer rate of up to 530MB/s read and up to 460MB/s write , enhancing your system performance.

P200 is designed to be compact with a thickness of just 7mm. The SSD P200 will easily fit in any workstation, saving extra space for better air circulation and motherboard mounts. P200 series is a win-win solution for both mini-PC users and those who create powerful gaming systems.

The Patriot P200 series is not only a high capacity, high performance SSD, but also a smart device. Laptop users often use “sleep mode” to avoid rebooting the device. This process saves time, but comes at the expense of battery life. P200 SSDs are designed to reduce power drain on the battery by removing power from the SATA interface when the drive is not in use. The P200 SSD comes with a built-in temperature sensor to detect ambient temperature and protect against overheating.

Maximize performance, application responsiveness, and gaming with the Patriot P200 SSD Series. 3 years warranty, SSD P200 is one of the most reliable and reasonable purchase in the market, the price quality ratio. Patriot’s P200 SSDs are available in capacities up to 2TB.

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