Panasonic W-series irons have the unique soleplate for ironing in any direction

New York, America – Panasonic, a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics, introduces a new W-series of irons with a unique soleplate for ironing in any direction and a triple limescale cleaning system. The original design of the new models will not leave indifferent the connoisseurs of sports style. Smooth and at the same time fastidious forms, a combination of black and metallic colors – all this makes their appearance modern and bold. This iron will be a great assistant in any home.

Panasonic W950A-CIS-L iron

The flagship model of the line, Panasonic NI-W950CMTW iron has a soleplate made of superstrong material Alumite anodized aluminum , which is used in car engines.

Innovative Hydra Power 360* soleplate ensures easy gliding: the iron can easily rotate 360 degrees without creasing. For clothes that are uncomfortable to iron the classic horizontal method, the Panasonic NI-W950CMTW has a function of vertical steam.

The newest system of Auto Valve reliably prevents the iron from leaks, preventing the formation of drips on clothes. A choice of heating temperatures, as well as steam force from 40 to 140 g/min to find the perfect setting for each type of fabric. The water tank has become more spacious, as well as the hole to fill it. Iron cord can turn freely at the base of the iron around its axis.

The NI-W950CMTW has a triple limescale cleaning system that will extend the life of the device for years to come, and the auto power-off function when the iron is finished using will keep your home safe.

Panasonic’s new W-series irons are already available at the official Panasonic eplaza online store and major consumer electronics retailers.

Panasonic W950A-CIS-L iron - control

Panasonic W950A-CIS-L iron - iron on ironing

Panasonic W950A-CIS-L iron - from behind

Panasonic Iron W950A-CIS-L soleplate

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