Panasonic NR-F55TX-N8 refrigerator review

Advantages: inverter control, flexible storage system.

Disadvantages: the refrigerator will not fit through every door.

Five-chamber refrigerator with inverter control


DIMENSIONS: 1818×685×729 mm.

WEIGHT: 98 kg.

VOLUME: total 573 l/useful 467 l.

FROST: 70 liters net volume, No Frost, Powerful operation, -18 to -40°C quick freezing, -40°C shock freezing, deep freezing, 2 removable trays, master tray with compartment for vertical storage.

REFRIGERATOR: 260 L net volume, No Frost, +3 to +6 °C, 3 wide tempered glass shelves 1 of them dividing shelf , 1 composite shelf, compartment for cold foods 0 +2 °C , small food compartment, egg rack 12 pcs. , freezer compartment, storage space for cooling devices, cabinet for cold dishes. , 5 door shelves 3 large, 2 small , mini door shelf, shelf for large bottles 4 plastic bottles 1.5 l or 4 plastic bottles 2 l , bottle shelf.

Ice maker chamber: usable capacity 6 l, automatic ice maker 120 min. , fast ice concoction 80 min. , ice compartment for 12 trays for 156 ice cubes .

Fresh Freezing compartment: useful volume of 21 liters, temperature -17 to -19 °C, tray for cold storage.

FRUIT AND Fruits compartment: net volume 110 l, temperature +3 to +8 °C, sliding shelves for small fruits, vegetable drawer with bottle compartment for 9 2-liter or 10 1.5-liter bottles .

CONTROL: Inverter, electronic, text display, function buttons, temperature mode selection, Quick function, ECONAVI function, open door alarm, light intensity sensor, error indication.

CONSTRUCTION: Antibacterial LED filter with silver ions, Super Alleru-Buster filter, double antibacterial BIO refresher, Wasabi antibacterial cassette, bright two way frontal LED interior lighting, noise level 42dB.

ECOLOGICALITY: power consumption class A+ power consumption 380 kW/year 1.04 kWh/day R600a refrigerant.

COLOR: pearl metallic.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



This refrigerator can hold a huge amount of food with maximum convenience for each product. Interestingly, there is a separate storage compartment for fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables stay fresher and juicier for longer in high humidity conditions.

In the ice chamber it takes only two hours and with the Quick function on, 80 minutes for the ice maker to cool down. , makes a full portion of ice – 156 cubes.

Fresh freezing for fast freezing of freshly cooked food, such as rice that has just been boiled and is still hot. The cooling is performed due to blowing cool air and application of special tray that contains the material generating cold.

The freezer can quickly and gently freeze foods at ultra-low temperatures to preserve maximum nutrients and vitamins.


The fridge compartment is located on the top. On the second level of the appliance there are 2 chambers: the ice maker and Fresh Freezing compartment. The freezer compartment occupies the 3rd level, and underneath it there is a large two-level compartment with high humidity for storing fruits and vegetables.


The refrigerator operation is controlled by the inverter and it automatically sets the speed of the compressor that is required at that moment in time in order to maintain the settings set by the user. The compressor in the appliance for the first time in the world is located in the upper part of the body. Its advanced design as well as a clever sealing system result in reduced energy consumption. The ECONAVI function also contributes to this. It determines the position of the appliance doors whether they are open and the light around the refrigerator and, taking into account the lifestyle of the family it takes 3 weeks to study , optimizes the operation of the appliance for more economical consumption of electricity.


No need to defrost the freezer compartment or fridge compartment manually thanks to the NoFrost system.


Advantages: inverter control, flexible storage system.

Disadvantages: the refrigerator will not fit through every door.

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