Overview of electric storage water heaters Timberk SWH RS7 30V/40V/50V


Compact size, flexible settings, safety.

Climate Control Technique

The device is not yet on sale.


POWER: 2,0 kW.

VOLUME: 30/40/50 liters.

CONTROL: Thermostat, mode buttons, on/off and heating indicator.

OPPORTUNITIES: 3 operating modes: economy 800 W , optimum 1200 W , intensive 2000 W .

SAFETY: 3D Logic, enlarged magnesium anode, moisture-proof keys.

Constructions: copper heater, tank and inside elements are made of stainless steel 304 with thickness of 1,2 mm, high-precision foam insulation, possibility of repair and service without disconnecting from the water mains.

DIMENSIONS: 770/975/1185x290x290 mm.

WEIGHT: 9,5/11,5/13,5 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year with regular service by an authorized service center, additional 3 years for the heating element, 5 years for the internal tanks.


Water heater with ultra-compact dimensions, all three modifications with a body diameter of only 29 cm. This makes space for the appliance less of a problem. Vertical installation, an important detail: After installing the unit in place, you do not need to remove it for maintenance and repair, as all work can be done without disconnecting it from the water mains.


The power of the heating element of 2.0 kW, but the manufacturer offers not one, but three power modes. PowerProof system – one twin copper heating element with split power, special protective coating and extended service life.

Selecting the “Economy” mode, we switch on the element with 800 Watt power. In “Optimal” mode the second element will operate at 1.2 kW. For rapid water heating is used mode “Intensive” – both heaters are activated. The choice of heating elements power is not made by chance, but according to the results of tests. In terms of the ratio of water heating speed per unit cost, these are more efficient than other power combinations.


The 3D Logic safety system has three components:

– DROP Defense protection against leakage and overpressure inside the tank, it is implemented through a safety check valve

– SHOCK protection against electric current leakage – a RCD on the electric cord is included with each storage water heater

– Two levels of HOT Defense overtemperature protection, including thermostat and temperature limiter.

In the design of the device specific operating conditions in America and CIS countries were taken into account, all components of the complex maximally adapted and tested for them.

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