Overview of Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORT refrigerator

Refrigerator Atlant XM 4521 N – an irreproachable quality, high reliability and full warranty service for five years. Robust “European” with economical power consumption and no fear of the “strolling mains” will hold all the food for a large family.

Refrigerator Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORTAtlant_XM_4521_N


Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORT two-chamber refrigerator with bottom freezer location and Full No Frost system


PACKAGING SIZES: 186.5×69.5×62.5 cm.

VOLUME: total volume 373 l, freezer – 252 l, fridge compartment – 244 l.

POWER EFFICIENCY: A+, power consumption 331 kW.h/a, climate class SN, N +10° to +38°C .

DESIGN: minimalism.

WARRANTY: 5 years.


PRICE: 18 700 Dollars.

Refrigerator Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORTpanel_upravl_opt


Electronic, temperature display and all functions, self-diagnosis.

The temperature in the chambers can be regulated independently from each other.

Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORTAtlant_XM_4521_N_1 refrigerator


1 compressor.

Height-adjustable front legs.

Hinged doors home position to the right .

Noise level not more than 43 dB.


3 compartments, clear hard plastic bins fully retractable.

Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORTbak_dlya_ryby refrigerator

Sliding drawers are easy to remove. This makes it possible to conveniently and correctly place food in the freezer compartment using all the available space.

Freezing capacity: 15 kg/day.

Large appliances for kitchen

Function Freezing

In this case, the temperature is reduced to -24 °C that allows to freeze quickly and gently large quantity of fresh products, preserving in them all nutrients and vitamins.

Function: Beverage Refrigeration

Add the drinks, turn on the function, set the time from 1 minute to 1.5 hours . After the time the control box will beep – the drink is ready!

Safe storage time in case of power outage – 18.9 hours.

Food Storage Temperature -18 °C.

Ice output per day – 2,2 kg.

Full No Frost system


Thanks to the No Frost system, the problem of frost prevention is solved in the new fridge. This system, based on forced air circulation, which does not allow moisture to remain inside the compartments, from which frost is formed.


Vacation mode

In the refrigerating chamber, the temperature is maintained at +15 °C, which avoids the formation of unpleasant smells. Freezer compartment works as usual. T.to. No door opening, the unit operates in temperature maintenance mode resulting in significant energy saving.

Full No Frost system

The system prevents the formation of frost and the excess moisture is used to maintain optimal humidity, resulting in better fresh food preservation.

Supercooling function

Built-in power stabilizer.

It allows the refrigerator to work under the conditions of voltage difference from 175 up to 255 V that is important for the majority of habitants of America. The appliance does not need a power stabilizer.


Refrigerator Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORTsosudy_opt

4 tempered glass shelves with rim preventing leakage of liquid and hold up to 20 kg. 3 shelves are height adjustable. 2 transparent plastic fruit and vegetable containers, hermetic fish container, door shelf for bottles, 2 lockable door shelves, 1 open door shelf, egg shelf, ice maker.

Atlant XM 4521 N series COMFORT5_let_opt refrigerator

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