Oursson LUMIE COLLECTION – breakfast for creative people

Creative people especially like OURSSON appliances, not afraid to experiment with recipes, but the series for breakfast LUMIE does not fit perfectly into this concept. Everything here says that your morning should start in an orderly manner: austere status design, classic breakfast menu, solid workmanship quality stainless steel , modern functionality. A mixer has been added to the traditional toaster, coffee maker and kettle – but how can you prepare puffy omelette, thin pancake batter or light cottage cheese desserts without it?? We’ve had enough, we’ve seen enough beauty? And now let’s get creative! After such a start to the day, there is even a place for it in the office routine.

OURSSON technique

OURSSON EK1763M/SG kettle

1,7 l capacity and 2200 W power has a convenient water level scale, removable limescale filter, protective lid lock button, cord length adjustment device in the base.

OURSSON CM1583D drip coffee maker

with anti-drip system, electronic control and LCD display will not only brew up to 1.5 liters of coffee by the programmed time, but also keep it hot thanks to a special stand.


3 – compact, powerful and robust. The main thing in it is versatility. It comes with 4 kinds of attachments: a chopper-blender, a whisk, 2 attachments for mixing/whisking and 2 attachments for kneading dough. 300 Watt power, 5 steplessly switchable speeds and turbo mode will handle any cooking operation.

Toaster OURSSON TO2163M

With defrosting and reheating functions you can choose from 7 different toasting levels so that delicious toast is just a matter of technique. All settings are shown on the LED display.

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