New Bosch SensorSecure irons glow at the touch

  • Innovative safety system: can be switched on by the touch of a button
  • Wisely using electricity: saving your budget and protecting the environment
  • Record maximum power: 2750 watts

New Bosch SensorSecure irons feel the pleasure of their owner or mistress at the first touch and obey them without question. Key feature of this range of irons is the unique touch sensitive Active Control system which reacts instantly to the touch of a button on the handle. A SensorSecure iron turns on when you pick it up, and turns off automatically when you let go of the handle.

The fact that the iron understands the person’s intentions is indicated by neon lights: it lights up when you turn it on, and as soon as the device is released from hands it begins to blink. Count on the uniqueness, quality and reliability of the new SensorSecure irons so you never have to worry if your iron is unplugged. When you need your iron again, just hold it in your hand. It heats up in seconds thanks to the high maximum power of 2750 watts.

SensorSecure irons are energy-saving, they shut off right after completing their chores. They don’t waste energy on heating the air and help protect the environment.

SensorSecure irons stand the customer’s best interests at heart. Innovative Palladium-gliss soleplate&eacute e – sturdy, durable, smooth – will glide easily, smoothing out any type of fabric. Powerful steam impact TDA5680 150 g/min TDA7680 180 g/min to smooth even the creased fabrics, and the high power to quickly restore the temperature when the steam is removed. Drip-stop system stops the water flow when the soleplate is cold, to prevent any drips on the fabric. The special design of the TDA7680 makes filling the water tank easier, faster, and more convenient. Wide water inlet on the back of the iron, so you can easily fill the water tank from a bottle or tap, and the sealed lid prevents water leaks.

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