Mini review of wall mounted single / double circuit gas boiler Ferroli Domiproject Slim

The boilers are equipped with a microprocessor control system with enough functions and degrees of protection for autonomous operation. Display – LCD, pushbutton control. The boiler has a built-in expansion vessel of 6 liters. As an option it is possible to connect an outdoor temperature sensor and remote control.

Wall mounted gas boilers

Wall mounted single dvuhkonturny gas boiler Ferroli Domiproject Slim

A series of Domiproject boilers from the Italian company Ferroli, previously represented by wall-mounted models with a maximum capacity of at least 24 kW, since April 2012 extended the model range Domiproject Slim of 12-21 kW minimum useful power – 4.8-7.2 kW . This range is not too common, but the need for it nevertheless exists. Boilers have a closed combustion chamber with an electronic ignition system and forced ventilation. First of all, such boilers are convenient for the organization of heating in apartments, their use in small country houses and premises may be of interest, because not always the area that needs to be heated, reaches hundreds of square meters. All models are extremely compact: Width/height – 350/655 mm at a depth of 230 mm. Water is heated in a compact copper bithermal heat exchanger with a corrosion-resistant coating of the combustion chamber and the exterior surface of the heat exchanger made of aluminium.

The boilers are equipped with microprocessor control system with a sufficient number of functions and protection levels for autonomous operation. The display is LCD, the control is push-button. Boiler has a 6 litre expansion vessel. Optional external temperature sensor and remote control can be connected.

The Domiproject Slim series is available in two versions. Single-circuit Slim HF models with outputs of 12 and 15 kW. To two-contour belong Domiproject Slim DF 15, 18 and 21 kw , capable, except for heating, heating of hot water in quantity of 9-12 l/min at &Delta t = 25 °C.


: 17 000 – 19 700 Dollars.

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