Mini review of the VITEK VT-4209 5G multicooker

Advantages: unique versatility and a wide range of programs, easy operation, convection, adjustable settings, design, excellent price-performance ratio.

Disadvantages: The pizza is cooked, but small because of the small diameter of the base of the bowl.


The five-in-one appliance: multicooker, bread maker, fryer, yogurt maker, curd maker, two bowls: one for the multicooker and one for kneading dough, baking bread and yogurt. Uniform distribution of heat is ensured by heating elements located at the bottom, sides and in the lid, and when baking you can choose the mode with convection hot air circulation or without it.

For those who like to have their own way of controlling their cooking, our Multi Cooker 4 Steps function allows you to program the time, temperature and convection control for four different cooking phases. Set of automatic cooking programs – it fry, boil, braise and stir-fry for the major categories of products – vegetables, meat, fish and chicken: you must select the type of product and mode.

Small appliances for the kitchen

Some programs are unique or rare, about them – a little more detail. The cottage cheese program makes it possible not to control the boiling process of sour milk: you just need to pour it into the bowl, turn on the program, and when finished, pour it into a special bag included in the kit. Pizza program uses convection, so pizza is cooked as in the oven.

For those who love deep frying, there is a special mode and a small deep fryer basket.


The bread maker has a round bowl. In addition to the traditional modes, there are pie program for baking ready-made dough and two programs for dough – with lifting and without. Yogurt program not only makes yogurt and kefir, but also provides for their mixing with pieces of fruit there is a special rotating knife .


Not only is it truly unbeatable, but the French Millot design agency developed it especially for VITEK. This cooker is part of the VITEK Black&White collection of small appliances, and can be partnered with one or more other similar appliances.

Main Features

Model from the Black&White collection

POWER: Max. 1700 W.

CONSTRUCTIVE FEATURES: 2 bowls, 3D heating, 4D baking, removable washable inner lid, plastic body.

CONTROL: LCD display with backlight, timer delays cooking up to 15 hours bread and 24 hours multicooker , hold heat up to 24 hours, adjust the cooking time, Multi-cook technology 4 Steps.

PROGRAMS: 68 Multicooker and 15 bread maker . Multicooker: Multicooker, Deep Fryer, 6 autoprograms with additional functions. The following settings: Soup, Porridge, Rice, Pilaf, Cheese, Pizza. Bread: Wheat, Rye, Wholemeal, Gluten-free, Baguette, Jam, Yogurt, Dough 1 and 2, Pie, cooked product weight selection 500/750/1000gr. , choice of crust color – light, dark and medium.

INGREDIENTS: 5 L pan for multicooker, 1 L pan for baking/yogurt machine, steamer, 2 measuring jugs, leveling spoon, spatula, ladle, deep fryer basket, lid for pan, tongs for pan, grid for curd cheese, book for 200 recipes.

SIZES: 320x280x265 mm.



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