Mini review of the food processor KENWOOD FDM786 Multipro Classic

Advantages: Compact size and large usable volume, fast operation, 2 juicers, storage stand for attachments.

Weaknesses: No dicer attachment.


The model belongs to the line of food processors Kenwood Multipro Classic, which is an updated version of the popular series FP920. Key advantages of this redesigned attachment range include higher compactness and an ergonomic bowl with enlarged working volume.

The patented Dual Drive system enables faster and more energy-efficient operation of the food processor, reducing processing time while maintaining professional quality of chopping, mixing, whipping and juicing.

The design is premium: the body and the bowl handle are made of brushed aluminium, they look expensive and are very durable.

Of the attachments, I’d like to highlight two unusual ones: a fine grater for making dumplings and a disc for very thin slicing, designed for preparing ingredients for julienne


POWER: max 1000 watts.

FUNCTIONS: chopping, blending, whipping.

CONTROL: 8 speeds, infinitely variable speed, pulse mode.

CONSTRUCTION: patented Dual Drive system, polished aluminum body, polished aluminum bowl handle, 3L main bowl, heat-resistant glass blender 1.5 L, protection against startup if incorrect assembly, motor overheat protection, rotating pad KENSTORE™ for storage of attachments.

INGREDIENTS: Rugged stainless steel universal knife, 2 circular slicing and shredding discs 2 mm x 4 mm , fine additional slicing disc for trimmings, julienne disc for cutting very fine bread, pasta dough, dual metal whisk, citrus juicer, centrifuge juicer, chopper disc for stir-fries.

DIMENSIONS: 387x213x219 mm.

WEIGHT: 5,414 kg.


WARRANTY: 1 year.

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  1. Oakley

    I recently purchased the KENWOOD FDM786 Multipro Classic food processor and I am quite satisfied with its performance. The motor is powerful and efficient, making it easy to process different types of ingredients. The different attachments are also helpful in providing versatility. However, I’m curious to know if this food processor is durable in the long run. Have any of you experienced any issues or breakdowns with this model after prolonged use?

  2. Aspen

    How does the KENWOOD FDM786 Multipro Classic food processor perform in terms of its functionality, ease of use, and durability?

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