Miele G 5500 SCi dishwasher review

Big appliances for the kitchen

3D cutlery drawer, hot water connection, display on panel allowing to see program at a glance, SensorDry dryer, silent and economical.

Built-in appliances

The control panel is sold separately from the dishwasher



PROGRAMMES: ECO 45° C, 2 h 52 min . , automatic 45-65°C, 1 hour 35 min .-2 ch. 34 min. , gentle 40-48°C, 1 hour 25 min.-1 ch. 55 min. , fast 40°C, 38 min. , light 50°C, 1 hr. 32 min. , intensive 75°C, 2 hrs , hardness 75°C, 2 hrs . 40 min. options – half load.

Drying: with air circulation Turbothermic, sensor-controlled SensorDry.

OPERATION: electronic, with ergonomic control panel, program selection on large single-line display, LED indication of program progress, rinse aid and salt dispenser addition, water inlet/drain indicator, filter control indicator, delayed start up to 24 hours with residual time indication.

ECONOMY: class A+, water consumption 10 litres, power consumption 0.95 kWh in Economy mode .

CONSTRUCTION: HighComfort baskets, height-adjustable top basket, 3D cutlery basket, two plastic beakers, warm water circulating pump, ThermoSpar hot water connection, high-quality basket handle, effortless door closing ComfortClose.

FEATURES: autosensor, circulating pump with heating and changing beads, water hardness adjustment Perfect GlassCare, noise level 44dB.

SECURITY: “Waterproof” leak-proof system, tamper-proof door lock.

DIMENSIONS: 81x60x57 cm. Niche: from 80.5 + 6.5 x 60 cm.

COLOR: stainless steel.



The Miele G 5500 SCi dishwasher has 6 programmes – indispensable for every housewife. “Automatic” is ideal for every day. Absolutely everything, in terms of temperature, water consumption and cycle time, is programmed by the dishwasher itself, according to the type and degree of soiling of the dishes. Another nice thing is that this mode provides SensorDry. Thanks to the smart drying sensor, the maximum drying performance is achieved regardless of the room temperature and the number of dishes loaded. “The quick washer is ideal for dishes that are very dirty for example, at a party when you have a large amount of dishes to serve the next course in 30 minutes . With the Turbothermic drying system hot humid air is evacuated from the cooking cabinet, mixed with room air and then cooled and blown outside without creating a cloud of steam. The display always shows the selected wash mode and time, and the indicators let you know when you have added detergent, salt, rinse aid. For families with small children the door can be locked, so that a child cannot change the program you have programmed. By connecting the dishwasher to hot water, you can save energy, water consumption, and reduce standard cycle times. This is due to the fact that the hot water system has a temperature of up to 60 ° C, and therefore the water does not need to be heated. The built-in sensor for water hardness detects the hardness of the water anew each time and automatically adjusts the water hardness depending on the selected program.

Price: 64 900 Dollars.

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