Liebherr fridges on sale in Ukraine

Ukrainian internet store announced the start of sale of Liebherr fridges, which is rightly considered one of the leaders in the production of household refrigerators in the world. The sale before the beginning of a new season will allow you to buy a refrigerator of this firm at a greatly reduced cost.


The Liebherr CUP 3021 is a freestanding model. The width of the refrigerator is 55 cm, depth is 62.8 cm and height is 180 cm. It will allow you to put a freezer even in a small kitchen without sacrificing space. Furthermore, the standard refrigerator design requires 5-10 cm distance to the rear wall for free air circulation, while this model has frontal air access. That means it can be placed almost up against a wall or even in a niche.

The Liebherr CUP 3021 double door fridge-freezer in the SwingLine design is available in stainless steel. Internal useful volume of the refrigerating chamber is 199 liters, that of the freezing chamber is 85 liters. The drawers in the fridge-freezer belong to the trademark GlassLine series of durable tempered glass and can be rearranged to make efficient use of the space. The freezer is equipped with the proprietary FrostSafe technology. Each compartment is 21 cm high. The Liebherr CUP 3021 falls into the energy efficiency class A+. The power consumption per year is 262 kWh.

The control type of the device is electromechanical. Compared to the electronic type, it is simpler, more reliable and cheaper in design. The refrigerator is specially adjusted to the climatic conditions of the environment. The control unit includes a temperature regulator, as well as a switch CoolPlus. The model belongs to the mixed climate class and its activation activates the “winter mode”. This extends compressor runtime. It protects the freezing chamber from temperature falls to the defrosting limit.

The device is equipped with one compressor. Isobutane R600a is used as refrigerant. Its main advantages are lower energy consumption, safety for the ozone layer and reduced noise level. Noise levels up to 39 dB. Freezing performance of 7 kg of food per day. Prolongs autonomous cold storage for up to 27 hours in case of power outage.

The freezer compartment defrosts manually. The freezer compartment defrosts automatically in the “melting wall” technique. The moisture in the form of frost condenses on the rear wall of the chamber and after a certain time defrosting cycle begins. Frost melts and moisture flows along a special channel to the evaporator.

The cooling compartment runs on the SmartFrost system that evenly distributes the temperature inside the compartment. The system is completed by the principle of automatic defrosting, smooth walls, glass shelves inside the chamber.

Thus, the main advantages of Liebherr CUP 3021 fridge-freezer are its ergonomic design, economical power consumption, automatic fridge-freezer defrosting and low noise level. The full review is available at //

The CUP 3021 refrigerator belongs to the most common “family” type. provides a three-year warranty on this kind of appliances. Also it is possible to buy the goods on credit. You can order daily at any time. Together with the goods you get the official warranty and the possibility of aftersales service. Store provides delivery all over Ukraine. All the questions related to product features and purchasing process can be discussed with the managers of the online store.

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