LG TONE+ Bluetooth stereo headset provides excellent voice quality in 4G networks

Seoul, September 27, 2012. – LG Electronics LG announced the new LG TONE+ Bluetooth stereo headset HBS-730 . This new feature-rich model is a worthy successor to the LG TONE HBS-700 , which set sales records at popular online retailers such as Amazon.com. LG TONE+ not only provides richer and clearer sound, but also supports the VoLTE voice over LTE networks standard: users of VoLTE devices can communicate with each other through high quality voice communications Voice HD .

LG TONE+ Bluetooth Stereo Headset

– LG was the first in the world to demonstrate VoLTE technology and announce a VoLTE smartphone, said Paul Bae, vice president of marketing center at LG Electronics Mobile Communications. – We are still in the forefront today, contributing to the commercialization of VoLTE in the wake of the global rollout of LTE networks. To provide users with superior sound quality in 4G networks, LG continues to raise the bar for all its mobile products, including accessories that support LTE and VoLTE.

LG TONE+ stereo headset offers high sound quality and a number of improvements over its predecessor model. LG TONE+’s enhanced bass register effectively expands the sound range, providing a tangible improvement in sound quality that will satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs. LG TONE+ also supports the professional-grade aptX audio codec, which is used by music studios, broadcasters and manufacturers around the world and is famous for its ability to deliver CD-quality sound by automatically adapting a high-capacity audio stream to the available bandwidth during audio transmission.

Further enhancing the consumer experience, LG TONE+ provides a range of convenient features. LG TONE+ can instantly connect one smartphone to another or connect it to some kind of multimedia device thanks to its intelligent Bluetooth Multi-connection function. Audible Pairing Assistance lets you know the connection status when another device is connected to the headset, and Vibrating Call Alert notifies the user of incoming calls. Two additional functions have been added for maximum convenience: Audible Battery Status Alert and Mic Mute. Finally, BT Reader, one of LG’s own Android apps, tracks incoming SMS messages and reads them aloud through a stereo headset, so the user stays informed without taking their smartphone out of their pocket.

LG TONE+ talk and standby time increased to 15 and 500 hours, respectively. The sleek design of the stereo headset guarantees comfort and stylish appearance at the same time. The LG TONE+ stereo headset in black and blue and pearl white designs will go on sale in Korea, the U.S. and China by the end of this month.

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