Leica launches the SF 60 and the SF C1 Radio Synchronizer

Leica Camera AG introduces the new SF 60 flash and SF C1 radio syncro as an addition to the Leica S, SL and M systems. These two units can also be used in conjunction with the Leica Q and Leica CL. While the SF 60 offers a wide range of options in a compact body, the SF C1 allows remote control of the flash, providing endless creative possibilities.


Despite its low weight of 300 g and its height of only 98 mm, the Leica SF 60 has a guide number of 60 m at ISO 100 and offers a wide range of professional functions. The flash can be master or slave and has automatic TTL control and high speed HSS sync up to 1/8000 sec. The flash head is equipped with a bounce card and a tilt and swivel function, and the zoom reflector ensures even distribution of light at focal lengths from 24 to 200 mm.

The SF 60 also has a built-in LED backlight, which has nine levels of adjustment and is useful for low-light video shooting. All flash settings can be easily adjusted with the two dials and displayed on the color LCD screen. Four AA-size batteries power the flash, but it can also work with external power sources if necessary.

Photo equipment


The Leica SF C1 is mounted on the camera’s hot shoe and features wireless remote control of SF 60 flashes over a frequency range of 2.4 GHz. The flash units can be combined in three groups and the trigger signal can be sent through one of the seven channels. Wide range of controls for setting and displaying settings on LCD screen. The SF C1 is powered by two AAA batteries that are fully charged for up to 3,000 shots. The synchro is also equipped with an SD card slot for downloading firmware updates.

Price and availability

Both will be available in June2018. The SF 60 will be priced at $350 and the SF C1 will be available for $595.

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    What are the key features and advantages of Leica’s SF 60 and SF C1 Radio Synchronizer? How do they enhance the photography experience?

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