Inverter air conditioner Panasonic CS-HE9NKD determines by itself how to cool the room

CS-HE9NKD air conditioner is a new addition in 2012 in the line of “Flagship” split-systems of Panasonic company. The name exactly reflects the models status: the “flagship” models have really got the most advanced developments of Panasonic in air purification and energy saving. And the CS-HE9NKD is no exception. The inverter technology provides the split-system with quiet work, smooth temperature control and reduced power consumption up to 50. But the CS-HE9NKD energy saving capabilities are not limited to this.

Panasonic CS-HE9NKD split-system

Due to the innovative Econavi technology the appliance can adjust its operation to the changing conditions in the room and thus significantly reduce energy costs for cooling and heating.

The indoor unit of the system has a dual infrared sensor, which detects if there are people in the room, how active they are, as well as the intensity of sunlight.

Depending on the sensor indication device can change air temperature in relation to the set value for example by decreasing it in heating mode if people are moving or increasing in cooling mode if they are not active . When nobody is in the room, the air conditioner operates in economical mode.

New series uses nanoe-G air purification technology to effectively fight harmful pollutants

microorganisms even outside of a split system. The indoor unit is equipped with a particle generator that blows into the room with the airflow. These particles destroy viruses, bacteria and mould spores, disinfecting the air.

Killed mycroorganisms with the air flows into the indoor unit of the air conditioner and are caught by the filter.

The model supports cooling, heating and dehumidifying modes as well as ventilation – air mixing without cooling or heating.

The unit automatically resumes operation after a power failure, retaining all previous settings. The indoor unit is also equipped with a timer for 24 hours, which allows you to program the time of switching on or off the split-system.

Price: from 33 000 Dollars.

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