If you want to buy equipment, you have to get acquainted

I often get asked what to buy a refrigerator, a multi-machine or a washing machine. And I’m always a little lost… Well, how do I know what you’ll like??

After all, buying appliances is like flirting. There are millions of men walking around. Well, only one of these is good and the rest are no good at all? No, all good, but we need one, “half” which.

So there’s lots of appliances, and they’re all different, so you can’t say this one’s any good and scrap the rest.

In general, I advise to approach the purchase as an acquaintance.

Hardware for the home


As often happens, you correspond on a dating site, even communicate on the phone – all great, and the biceps in the photo, and a voice in the phone … Well, my … And met and shed tears. The picture, it turns out, was taken ten years ago, and the voice was distorted by the telephone. The prince has long aged and, alas, has not turned into a king, at most a shabby gentleman..

The same happens with technology: the picture is great, but in fact – the handles are stiff and uncomfortable, the door creaks, microscopic buttons, and even the plastic stinks of “Fix-Pric.

So: the Internet, of course, our everything, but before buying look at the device, you have to live with it, I mean to share the hard-earned space.


Of course, each of us needs a loved one. But if you take into account the details, then one – “to not drink, not smoke,” the second – “to bring money into the house,” the third … well, you know …

So when choosing appliances, think about why you need the device. Here it is important to be specific, it is clear that the refrigerator must freeze, and the washing machine must wash. But, how big or small is the freezer, is the fresh zone important or not, is NoFrost inside or outside the freezer, etc.?.d. You do a lot of laundry? The short programmes, gentle, wool, laundry, laundryndryndry in a cupboard? You need a separate one for the children’s underwear or sneakers? And so on.

Take a leaf and write down what functionality you need. And then the number of applicants will decrease at times.


Some people like slim men, and some like more solid men. But this, as they say, can be acquired: you can fatten up the chosen one or put him on a diet, a very high one can put him on a chair, in general, there are options. But it doesn’t work that way with iron appliances, so before you buy it it’s important to calculate to the millimetre the space you’ll give for the model. And this applies not only to large appliances, small appliances, when there are a lot of them, too, are not rubber, on the countertop or on the shelf can simply run out of space.

Measure all the doorways, even in porches, sometimes they “do not pass” overall purchase.


Love can not be bought, which acquaintance will be over in a week, and which will grow into something serious, and you can not guess at once. With technology a little differently, it has such an indicator as life specified in the instructions .

If you bought, for example, a blender for three kopecks and it says two years, don’t expect to give it to your granddaughter on her coming of age. I don’t think so. Although miracles do happen..

Sadly, a lot of money spent on a purchase is no guarantee that your home appliances will last, just as the most carefully chosen groom can become a disgusting husband. There’s got to be a little bit of luck after all.

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