Huawei announces the launch of MateBook sales in America

New York, July 28, 2016. – Huawei announces the launch of Huawei MateBook, a 2-in-1 device designed to meet the increasing demands of modern business users. New flagship product from Huawei belongs to the popular family of transformers that combines stylish design, multimedia functionality, high PC performance and portability of a mobile device.


Together with the leaders in the electronics and software market, Huawei has implemented the latest developments in the MateBook. It features a 6th generation dual-core Intel® Core™ M processor m3, m5 and m7 clocked at up to 3.1GHz and runs the Windows 10 operating system with its key features, Microsoft Edge desktop browser and Cortana, a personal voice assistant.


MateBook features a 12-inch IPS TFT LCD touchscreen with 2160×1440 pixels and a wide viewing angle of 160°. Color gamut is up to 85% NTSC, delivering rich colors with the most realistic color reproduction. The brightness of the screen reaches 400 nits, which ensures that the image remains clear regardless of the surrounding light.

The ideal balance between portability and usability is achieved by a narrow metal frame, which gives the screen size to device size ratio of 84% most tablets have this ratio 75-80% .




Computers & Peripherals


Aluminum full metal housing provides high protection from external influences with a thickness of only 6.9 mm and low weight 640 g for a device of its class.

Identification and security

For a high level of security, MateBook features a 360° lateral fingerprint scanner that gives the user one-touch access to the device. Among hybrid tablets, Huawei MateBook is the world’s first device with this type of ID. Windows Hello technology enables biometric authentication in Windows 10 and, with the release of the Anniversary Update, in apps and websites.


Battery life

For optimal performance, MateBook features a powerful 4430mAh Lithium battery that provides up to 10 hours of portable power, 9 hours of video playback, and 29 hours of music playback.

Full battery charge is achieved in two and a half hours of charging, and up to 60% of the battery can be charged in as little as an hour. Huawei power-saving technology ensures stable operation of the device even when the battery level is low.

In comparison with the power adapters of traditional notebooks the charger MateBook is miniaturized and weighs only 70 grams. Adaptability 5v/9v/12v makes it compatible with most smartphones.


Low heat and noise

Using a state-of-the-art 6th generation Intel® Core™ M processor and passive cooling system, the tablet does not need a cooler, which ensures zero noise during operation. Huawei MateBook does not overheat. Graphene coating and eight levels of heat transfer technology provide long continuous operation time at temperatures 2.8℃ below the average industry standard.

Computers & peripherals

MateBook Portfolio Keyboard

The MateBook Portfolio keyboard is a thoughtful, stylish and functional device. The keyboard is lightweight 450 grams and made of environmentally friendly, soft and durable polyurethane. It is equipped with a thin metal frame, which protects the accessory from the environment and possible moisture.

Unique technology of key backlighting adjusts automatically according to lighting conditions. Special texture coating, key height and key spacing 1.5mm are optimal for comfortable and fast typing.

For notebook use, Portfolio’s cover transforms into a screen stand.


Windows 10

Advanced, secure Windows 10 operating system pre-installed for a more productive, personalized computing experience. The latest Windows Ink feature lets you use your stylus to take notes, use graphics editors, and browse the web, giving you creative freedom and increasing efficiency in your daily tasks.

The platform also features convenient Microsoft Office document imaging tools, biometric Windows Hello authentication, new photo and video capabilities and superior security features.


MatePen stylus

Designed for MateBook, the MatePen stylus does not require any special software installation. Unique ballpoint elastomer tip gives the pen a writing feel similar to a regular ballpoint pen.

The accessory recognizes 2048 degrees of pressure sensitivity for accurate, responsive handwriting. There are eraser, laser pointer and presentation remote mode: the modes are activated by pressing or holding the rubber button on the stylus.

Stylus is powered by a built-in lithium battery with USB-connector. One hour of battery life for a month of daily MatePen use. MatePen not included and must be purchased separately.

Docking station

MateBook is equipped with a single Type-C port, but you can additionally purchase an accessory adapter containing one Ethernet port, two USB 3.0, one USB Type-C, as well as VGA and HDMI.


Product Range

Notebook-transformer comes in three configurations: HZ-W09 128 GB , HZ-W19 256 GB , HZ-W29 512 GB SSD . They differ in the amount of built-in memory and RAM 4 and 8 GB , as well as the modification of the processor. Low-end models with 128GB and 256GB storage capacities include 4GB RAM and Intel® Core™ m3 processor MateBook 256GB and 512GB models come with 8GB RAM and Intel® Core™ m5 and m7 processor.

Huawei MateBook will be available for sale in two colors: gray and gold. Portforlio keyboard included. MatePen stylus and MateDock are sold separately.


Price and first sale date

Pre-order for Huawei MateBook m3, 4 GB + 128 GB will open at the official online store on July 28th.Huawei and microsoftstore for special price of 58,490 Dollars 10% off , valid till August 11. The device will go on sale on August 12 at Huawei’s official online store and partner stores microsoftstore and M.Video for RUR 64,990.

ProcessorRAMStorage capacityPrice
Intel® Core™ m34GB128GB64,990 Dollars
Intel® Core™ m54GB128GB79 990 Dollars
Intel® Core™ m58 GB256GB94,990 Dollars
Intel® Core™ m58GB512GB106,990 Dollars
MatePen4 990 Dollars
MateDock6,990 Dollars
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