How to choose a high-pressure miniwasher?

A car and bike bodywork, sidewalk, garden path, or house front can be cleaned quickly and economically with a pressure washer. Together with Vladimir Shtyrev, the head of the “Tools” department of Leroy Merlin hypermarkets, we will talk about the main performance parameters that will help you to choose the right household sink for private use.


– What materials should quality car washers be made of?

– A very important parameter of the sink is the material from which the pump body is made. Today customers prefer washing sinks with silumin pumps, as they are more reliable and durable, but also cost more. In more affordable models, the pump is made of plastic. This is the best option if you will not overload the car wash and use no more than 20 minutes a day.

– How big or small should your car wash be??

– The capacity has a direct influence on the force of the water jet and is determined by the amount of water the pump can pump per unit time. For domestic models is the volume in the range of 300 – 600 liters per hour.

– Does the pressure matter??

– Certainly! The higher the pressure, the greater the impact of the jet and, accordingly, it is easier to cope with dirt. For washing large areas we recommend to buy pressure washers with 100 – 150 bar. It is also very important to pay attention to the very design of the gun and cutter, under what pressure the water enters and how it is sprayed “at the output”.

For example, in the new Sterwins model, thanks to the improved construction of the gun, the efficiency is increased by 25%. If more pressure is needed to remove tough, ingrained dirt, there are additional attachments – mud cutters – that maximize the impact force on the surface.

– What is the optimal hose length?

– It’s that simple. The longer, the more convenient. For example, to wash your SUV comfortably, you need a hose length of 8-9 meters. Also pay attention to the availability of a special reel for the hose. It will prevent twisting and prolong its service life.

– water supply

– For cases where there is no possibility to connect the miniwasher directly to the water supply, there are models with self-priming function and a hose purchased separately , which is conveniently placed in a barrel or bucket with water. Remember that the pumps of miniwashers do not like dirty water. Rust and sand can put the pump out of action. Therefore, it is necessary to use a filter to protect against various impurities.

– What other opportunities are there?


– There are many additional nozzles and hoses for any complexity of work: hoses for washing pipes, extension tubes, foam nozzle, brushes, sponges, jet tubes for removing rust and paint. You can even use the car wash as a vacuum cleaner, for example to pump out the water from the kiddie pool. You can also use different cleaning agents for effective cleaning: shampoos, waxes, wood cleaners.

Advice from Vladimir Shtyrev

“For an effective wash, we recommend a comprehensive approach. This means that you also need to use auxiliary accessories and detergents to achieve perfect results. You can use, for example, a foam nozzle, touch-less detergent or wax. Thanks to them, you will not have to adjust the work of the sink, and the cleanliness of the surface will last longer. For these purposes we have developed a new ready-to-use product Axton.

With it, you don’t need to waste time diluting the concentrate, just open the lid and connect it to the nozzle. In the construction hypermarkets Leroy Merlin there are also many models of household sinks, designed to help the modern consumer save his time. The Sterwins line of mini-washers combines high quality and productivity with an affordable price. For example, the Sterwins 145 car wash with a maximum pressure of 145 bar and a power of 450 l/h is ideal for cleaning heavily polluted areas at home and in the car.

The metal pump increases the life of the cleaner, the interchangeable nozzles allow you to use it more efficiently, and the self-priming function allows you to work regardless of the proximity of water supply. Also, for the convenience of choosing the right mini washer, we related the main working parameters with the time that will be spent on washing the car. With the Sterwins 145, for example, you can wash a car in less than 30 minutes.”.

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