How they mowed Gorky Park: Husqvarna LC 353V mowers chose legendary lawns

The Gagarin Central Park of Culture and Leisure. Gorky’s is a recognized trendsetter in the world of “park fashion”. Here the most courageous decisions of the organization of urban space and landscape design are realized. For such ideas you need the right tools for the job. That is why for testing new Husqvarna LC 353V mower we chose the lawns of Gorky Park.

Gardening equipment

As you know, the treatment of large lawns requires special powerful equipment. This is especially important when it comes to large urban gardens, squares, and other cultural recreation areas. More recently, the landscaping experts at thePark of Pauls Husqvarna have been. We have tested lawn mower LC 353V from Swedish company Husqvarna at Gorkiy city.The results of its use over such a wide area have confirmed the tool’s exceptional performance.

Above all, the model showed a high quality of mowing and collecting the grass. The fact that the 353V is equipped withAFTech™ technology, which creates an increased airflow from the blade through a special arc-shaped tube. The flow of grass tamps the cuttings evenly and tightly into the 60 liter grass catcher box, so that the lawnmower is always stable and evenly distributed over uneven terrain and needs to be emptied less often.


Testing also confirmed the tool’s ability to cut both dry and wet grass continuously and effectively right after watering. And thanks to AutoWalk™ 2 it has an unlimited number of steps and continuously adjustable speed. The user does not have to “wait or catch up” as the machine adjusts to a person’s stride, not the other way around.

In fact, while it was in use in Gorky Park, I selected one of the three available cutting modes – cutting medium-high vegetation with a grass catcher box. And if the greenery is overgrown, it can be ejected to the rear. And for regular mowing, the lawnmower can be used in mulching mode.

Garden equipment
Gardening Equipment
Gardening Equipment

Despite its weight of 60 kg, the mower is agile and easy to manoeuvre. What’s more, its low weight combined with oversized wheels with aggressive tread allows the model to be stable and quiet over rough terrain.

The results of the project proved that the selected model perfectly copes with large territories. Thus, we can say for sure that with LC 353V it will not be difficult to get a “green carpet” no worse than in the main place of rest of the inhabitants of New York.

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