Hisense RR-220D4AG2 – small but small in size

The Hisense RR-220D4AG2 is a small refrigerator. It is designed to work in studio apartments, rented rooms, mini-hotels – everywhere where there is a need to create optimal living conditions in minimum space.

Hisense RR-220D4AG2

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 Specifications

Dimensions: 128×51,9×53,5 cm. Depth with open door: 978 mm.

Volume: 170 liters total, 164 liters usable.

Energy efficiency class: A++, 150 kW/year.

Climate class: N, ST from +16 ° C to +38 ° C .

Refrigerant: R600a.

Weight: 32 kg.

1 year warranty.

Service life: 7 years.

What qualities of a small refrigerator are especially important?

  • Of course, it has to freeze well.
  • Be as spacious as possible.
  • Such a fridge must be beautiful.
  • It should not obstruct noise: Ideally, it should be inaudible.
  • The mobility is one more not bad quality of the device, especially if the fridge travels with the owner from the apartment to the country cottage or from one rented room to another.
  • Economical – the less power it uses, the better.

Let’s see if the Hisense RR-220D4AG2 meets these conditions.

Hisense RR-220D4AG2

Test № 1. Performance

The Hisense RR-220D4AG2 has seven operating modes from 1 warmest to 7 coldest .

The mechanical switch is located inside the chamber, under the freezer. Decreasing the temperature in the refrigerator lowers the temperature in the freezer and vice versa.

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 refrigerator

The climatic class allows the refrigerator to work well in American conditions, it withstands the air temperature up to 38 degrees. Rarely, even in the southern latitudes, the temperature in the rooms rises above

During the test it worked in the fourth mode. The temperature in your fridge:

  • Under the freezer: within +3°C +4°C.
  • In the vegetable bin: +5°C, +6°C.
  • In the freezer: -16 ° C -18 ° C.
  • Autonomous storage of cold at power outage: 15 h.
  • Freezing capacity: 2 kg/day.

Lettuce, apples, oranges kept fresh for seven days, not shriveled up or dried out. Dairy products also stay fresh. Chilled meat under the freezer felt great for three days, longer we did not store it – cooked. All foods froze evenly in the freezer, just like in large freezers.


Cooling and freezing quality is high. Keeps food fresh for long periods of time just as in large dual-compartment refrigerators.

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 refrigerator

Test no 2. Checking capacity


  • Pull-out clear plastic container for fruits and vegetables.
  • Three tempered glass shelves.
  • Shelf for four bottles of wine.
  • On the inside of the door 4 plastic shelves.

In the pictures you can see how much food can fit: two kilos of apples, a kilo of oranges, a fork of cabbage, sour cream, yoghurt, sausages, cheese, etc.d. On the inside of the door you can find space for two-liter bottles, sauces, juice boxes, 12 eggs.

There is even a shelf for four bottles of wine. You can fit groceries for both a big party and a week of life without the supermarket.

Of course, a five-liter pot won’t fit, but a three-liter pot will, so your favorite soup will be perfectly preserved for a couple, three days.


Volume: total 19, usable 15 l.

Of course, the freezer is small and not designed for huge stocks, rather it solves quick tasks: to cool ice cream, save a kilo of meat or chicken may be in demand at the cottage , etc.d.


The Hisense RR-220D4AG2 is small on the outside and big on the inside. Can hold a week’s worth of groceries for one or two people, or all your party favors. It will lie on a separate shelf and will not take up unnecessary space.

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 refrigerator


Silver model arrived for the test. But you can buy a mint green, red, beige or black Hisense with similar features.

The refrigerator looks great. No protruding parts: not a single centimeter is wasted. Hidden handle is located on the top, this arrangement is the most convenient.

The interior space is illuminated by LED lighting, the lamp is located under the freezer. It is bright, no dark corners.

Test #3. Noise level

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 refrigerator is very quiet. You can put it in your studio, hotel room, or adjoining bedroom kitchen. It won’t disturb anyone. We checked – the noise level in the room is 30-35 dB, when the compressor is turned on the refrigerator did not change the noise meter readings, the background was also fluctuating in this range.


The refrigerator is really quiet.


There are two castors on the back and feet that can be adjusted in height on the front. Not heavy, easy to ride on the wheels. Can be wheeled around when you move it, no need to lift it up.

You can install the Hisense RR-220D4AG2 in any place, but there are a few rules. On the back should be free 75 mm, on the sides and top – 100 mm, the door should be free to open 160 degrees.


This small refrigerator is class A++ for energy efficiency. It consumes 150 kW/year when used properly. This flow rate is guaranteed by the manufacturer at ambient temperatures up to +38 degrees.

It does not need to be placed next to a radiator, in a place where the sun shines all the time, and next to an oven. If these conditions are met, electricity bills will not increase.


The only thing you have to do: defrost the freezer once a month. This is exactly the care the manufacturers recommend.

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 refrigerator

Test results

We liked the Hisense RR-220D4AG2 fridge: quiet, economical, convenient. It’s small, but roomy and sturdy. The shelves are made of tempered glass and can hold heavy pans. On the door shelves you can put a lot of things you need. The materials are of high quality, the plastic does not smell. The design is modern and interesting. In this model looks more expensive than it costs. Look at the price, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Compactness is combined with a large volume. Food stays fresh for long. Good looks, quality materials, really low noise level. There is a shelf for wine.

Requires periodic defrosting of the freezer.

consumer recommends

Hisense RR-220D4AG2 Refrigerator Receives Consumer Recommendation Label

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