Health out of the air: the air cleaner Bork A801

The company Bork presents a new product, the air purifier Bork A801, a unique solution that combines a device for cleaning and humidifying the air in the house. The Bork A801 uses a multi-stage filtration system and its unique design is the perfect addition to the most stylish interior.

The air purifier Bork A801

It is impossible to imagine the modern home without a complete air purification system. Today smog has become a common sight in the big city and the humidity level indoors, especially in winter, often drops below 10%, with a required minimum of 50%. High pollution and insufficient humidification need a complex solution.

That’s the solution from Bork – the Bork A801 air purifier combines unique design with the most advanced technology. Combining the two most important climate functions humidification and air purification , this new product from Bork guarantees the constant maintenance of the ideal indoor climate.

The natural moisture saturation system of the Bork A801 is based on the evaporation of water from the surface of a special filter, so that the humidity in the room always remains optimal. This ensures the absence of white lime scale, traditional for humidifiers ultrasonic type.

New product Bork A801 uses a multi-stage filtration system, which includes a preliminary, carbon and GREEN HEPA filter. They purify the air from fine dust, unpleasant odors and harmful gases, which guarantees the constant maintenance of a high level of purification in the room. Antibacterial cartridge with special antiseptic impregnation of propolis and herbal extracts effectively captures and destroys 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

The presence of automatic operation allows the device to adjust the airflow rate according to the level of contamination, determined by the sensor.

The Bork A801 air purifier has been on sale since February on the American market in Bork boutiques. More information can be found on the bork website.

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