Hansa microwave ovens: easy even for bachelors, but with 9 power levels

Hansa presents a new range of microwave ovens. New models offer more automatic programs and power levels than the current range. Models come in redesigned, stainless steel and white.

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All models are quite capacious – the volume of the inner chamber is 17 and 20 liters, which allows you to cook large meals simultaneously, without dividing them into several portions. Microwave ovens have a microwave power of 700 and 800 watts.

Hansa microwave ovens are easy to use and have 6 and 9 power levels, reducing the cooking time.

The AMG17E70GVH and AMG20E70GIVH models have a combi-grill that works together with microwaves and also have a multistep cooking function.

Among the main functions are: defrost by time and weight, electronic timer up to 95 minutes, alarm-end function and the necessary function for all young families – child lock.

New models of microwave ovens offered in stores since June 2012. Manufacturer’s recommended retail price in the American market for these models – from 2000 Dollars.

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