Hansa cooker hoods start to work if you don’t like the smell

Hansa presents a new range of extractor hoods, consisting of two island and two mantelpiece models. All new models have different options and functions and differ in design, so that you can choose the right model for any space in your kitchen. Those who like modern design will be interested in island hoods OWC 4778 I and OWS 952 T, and the model OKC 611 will perfectly fit into a country-style kitchen.

The new island hood OWC 4778 I is the most powerful 38 cm diameter Cylinder hood of the series

Hansa OWC 4778 I

The Hansa range, with a maximum exhaust air volume of up to 900 m³ /h.

Equipped with an odour sensor that switches the hood on automatically right from the start of the cooking process. Control is done with the help of soft touch illuminated buttons and LED display, showing all the information about the selected parameters.

Hansa OKC 653 SW

OKC 653 SW combines perfectly with white Hansa ovens and hobs. With a width of 60 cm and a maximum suction capacity of 620 m³/h. The casing is made in the color of anthracite, combined with white glass, providing significantly less steam accumulation.

Halogen lighting and a timer function that automatically switches the hoods off after a certain period of time.

Hansa OWS 952 T

OWS 952 T Titanium island hood in stainless steel

90 cm wide.

Five speed monitor allows you to accurately set the hood performance and electronic filter cleaning indicator, will remind you in time to make a replacement.

Like the other models in the Titanuim series, the island hood is equipped with an electronic touch screen.

Hansa OKC 611R

The latest innovation – retro-style hood OKC 611R. Unusually shaped, the model will fit perfectly under the hood

Cozy kitchen design in the country house. The coating is made of powder enamel. Range hood dimensions: Width 69 cm, height 72 cm, depth 62 cm, maximum capacity 620 m³/h. Hood has a traditional two-lamp, 200 Watt lighting and aluminum filter.

All models available in stores since September 2011. Manufacturer’s recommended retail prices including VAT in the American market for these models – from 12 000 Dollars. retail.

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    How effective are Hansa cooker hoods in eliminating odors?

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